Zirtual Reviews: Can Their VA Effectively Manage the Mailing Systems of Startups?

In this digital age, most transactions are done online. Thus, companies make sure that their brand has a robust online presence by being available on different platforms. Plus, they take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email marketing. With these marketing efforts, it’s crucial to boost customer engagement. Hence, it’s best to have a dedicated team that can handle such responsibilities for you.

One of the most essential tasks in business is email management. You don’t need to worry about answering queries from your customers and partners when you have a reliable virtual assistant. Email managers allow you to focus on other tasks while handling all the email correspondences.

If you own a startup or an established business, you can benefit from email management virtual assistance services. Fortunately, there’s a long list of VA service providers on the internet. As a result, you must exercise caution when selecting the most suitable one for your company. That’s why we performed an exhaustive search online for third-party vendors that offer the best email management VA services. With that, read one of our top picks, Zirtual reviews.

How We Review Each Email Management Virtual Assistant

As mentioned earlier, since the internet has become increasingly accessible, many people rely on digital transactions. No wonder, the number of emails sent and received were estimated to be 319.6 billion in 2021. This is expected to grow to 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025. With these stats, imagine how many emails you need to read every day.

Nonetheless, the good thing is you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time going through every mail in your inbox while juggling a ton of work. This is because you can leverage email management services. You just have to hire the most reliable VA to take over this daunting task for you.

Here’s where we come in. As an online services review site, we understand the value of hiring a reputable service provider. Hence, we make sure to evaluate each firm to give you the best recommendations. Here are some of the factors you need to consider in choosing an email management virtual assistant.

  • Niche. Each email management virtual assistant caters to a wide array of industries. Hence, it’s crucial that the email management VA you will hire and work with is familiar with and knowledgeable of the industry you are in.
  • Email Management Services. Before hiring one, it is highly recommended that you inquire about the inclusions of their email management services. The packages that email management VA offers should cover your needs and requirements.
  • Team Workflow/Process. Since business is done online, it’s important that you understand and agree with the process of working with your email management VA. Hiring a VA who can work independently and efficiently is vital in increasing your productivity.
  • VA Service Rates. Service rates for email management vary depending on the packages and inclusions a VA company offers. Some VAs offer hourly rates, while other VAs offer project-based rates. These options allow you to meet your business needs without compromising your allocated budget.
  • Customer Support. One of the factors that the best email management VA should possess is customer support. Check first if they are easy to contact anytime, at all means. Most clients consider VA services a top-level company when it can cater to the needs and queries of the clients in the most efficient way.
  • Privacy Policy. Knowing what, why, and how a VA company’s website collects, uses, processes, and manages your information upon visiting their site helps you think whether you would continue with the transaction or not. Hence, it’s necessary that you read, understand, and agree with their privacy policy before making a deal.

With the help of email management VAs, you can improve your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Managing your company’s inbox isn’t an easy task, but delegating it to experts in the field gives you the liberty to focus on your core responsibilities. And as previously stated, VAs could be a solution to sift through your inbox and respond to your messages. But before hiring one, check out our review on one of our top picks, Zirtual.

Zirtual Reviews: Company Overview

Zirtual is one the pillars in email management virtual assistance. They are known for their expert staff who are knowledgeable in different industries. In addition, they provide a wide range of administrative services to help companies improve their workflow. You can be sure that your business functions are handled by professionals with college degrees.

Not just that, their teams are all native speakers who live in the US. Thus, you have the assurance that you’ll be working with VAs who understand the culture and norms of the country. Plus, you can expect quality work and fast response from your dedicated Zirtual VA.


Providing quality VA services, including inbox management, is what Zirtual does best. They assure their clients that their teams specialize in different fields and are skilled in handling administrative tasks such as managing your email. They are also trained to excel in customer support regardless of what industry your business belongs to.

Moreover, each aspiring candidate needs to go through a tough screening process. This is to ensure that they work on where they are very good at. Hence, staffing is based on their professional experience, preferences, and talents.

Email Management Services

Working with Zirtual is a piece of cake because they offer not just email management services, but also other administrative tasks. Their VAs can help you with calendar management, data entry, marketing, finance, research, and website maintenance. These are helpful supplementary services to inbox management.

Team Workflow/Process

To start working with Zirtual, all you need is to tell them your requirements and pay for the best plan for your business needs. You will then be paired with a VA that suits your qualifications.

An account representative will work closely with you to secure that deliverables are handled with efficiency. Additionally, you also have access to expert delegation strategists and task specialists to help you improve your workflow.

Another plus for Zirtual is that your dedicated VA will make sure to meet your expectations, starting with your kickoff delegation strategy call. Their team will help you get the most of what you are paying for. In case you want to have changes with your subscribed plan, they are just an email away.

VA Service Rates

Zirtual has 4 plans you can choose from. Each package is billed monthly.

  • Entrepreneur Plan ($549): 12 hours of task work per month with 1 user included
  • Startup Plan ($849): 24 hours or task work per month with 2 users included
  • Small Business Plan ($1249): 36 hours task of work per month with 3 users included
  • Team Plan ($1699): 50 hours task of work per month with 5 users included

Since their services are on a monthly subscription, it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade your email management VA plans to your liking. Not to mention, there’s no additional fee for taxes and other expenses.

Customer Support

One of the most important factors when hiring an email management service company is its ability to provide unparalleled customer support. And, this is one of the highlights of Zirtual VA services. They have a first-rate support model to ensure that the whole process works smoothly.

Zirtual VAs guarantee a 2-hour response time during your business hours. This covers your location whichever US time zone you are in. You can also contact your dedicated assistant directly via phone, text message, or email.

Privacy Policy

Zirtual takes data privacy at its utmost importance. Even though they require their clients to provide personal information such as name, address, billing address, email address, contact number, and credit card number, they vow to keep these details confidential.

However, it’s important for you to know that they may share your information to third-party providers that help them fulfill services that you request from the firm. Despite this, there’s nothing to worry because they implement reasonable contractual and technical protections to limit their use of information. This is to ensure your data is secured.

Zirtual Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Email management is an essential task every company should not take for granted. This is because it’s an effective way to connect with customers and partners. Fortunately, hiring an email management VA is easy. With the help of an expert and dedicated team, you don’t need to worry about missing leads and overflowing email. You can hire third-party vendors, such as Zirtual, to shoulder this responsibility.

Now, if you’re still wondering, is Zirtual a good option for inbox management services? Can they effectively work on email management for your business? Our answer: Yes! In fact, this firm is ideal for startups since there are no long-term contracts and you can easily change your monthly subscriptions. Furthermore, their VAs are excellent email managers, resulting in top notch services.

If you’re looking for other VA firms, go check our other reviews of the top email management service providers.

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