ZipJob Reviews: Is ZipJob a Good Choice?

In this day and age where technology is further advancing, innovation in the job market is here to stay. That means any company right now will follow anything that will make the hiring process fast and efficient. One of the best innovations that was created for the hiring process and specially the job seekers today are resume writing services. These aid applicants in bringing their best effort in their job search by hiring resume writers to craft their resume professionally.

As the resume writing industry continues to grow, we have chosen to review the top-ranking resume writing companies in order to assist you in determining the best resume writing service provider to hire.

How We Review Each Resume Service Provider

There are a lot of professional resume writing services online and they keep on multiplying. Because of this, hiring the most suitable for your job search needs could be a challenge given the thousands of options on the internet. As a writing services review company, we want you to receive the service you deserve.

With this in mind, our expert writers came up with the criteria we think you need to know before hiring a resume writing service provider. Here are some of the points we’ll highlight in evaluating resume writing firms.

  • Niche. Resume companies cater to different industries. Thus, we want you to be familiar with the specialization of each firm to help you decide whether it’s the best for the field you’re pursuing.
  • Quality. Specialization of each firm isn’t enough if the quality is lacking. That’s why we make sure to only review the best by verifying their legitimacy and the quality of their outputs.
  • Turnaround time. We’ll also give you an idea about how fast a resume writing firm can deliver your job search tool.
  • Pricing. Another important factor is the service rates. Remember, professional writers require reasonable pay. Moreover, it’s necessary for job seekers to know if they will get what they paid for.
  • Payment System. Knowing the modes of payment is helpful for fast and easy transactions. Not to mention, convenience is something most clients prefer.
  • Customer Support. Having friendly and effective customer service is a plus. We include this factor because most clients consider a resume writing service provider a top-level company when it can cater to the needs and queries of the clients in the most efficient way.
  • Website Usability. Since transactions are done online, it’s vital that the firm’s website is easy to access and navigate. In this area, you’ll have an idea about how fast their website loads and how accessible it is.
  • Refund Policy. Having a clear refund policy gives its clients the assurance that transactions are secured and guaranteed to be of good quality.

Considering all of the following components that make a resume company the best, we’re here to provide you with unbiased assessments of various resume companies. And as we search the most reputable resume writing companies, ZipJob emerges as one of the resume writing service providers that has made an impression.

ZipJob Reviews: Company Overview

ZipJob is an online professional resume writing service that helps job seekers create quality resumes. They are known for having expert resume writers who are experienced in finance, HR, federal, sales, and other industries. This resume company aims to ensure your resume passes the applicant tracking system (ATS) and reaches hiring managers. Not only do they have free resume review; they also guarantee their clients to earn more interview invites in 60 days. ZipJob offers 3 main packages—Launch, Fast Track, Premium; and a separate package for Executive. 


Having the expertise in writing and catering to over 65 different industries to take their customers’ career to the next level, ZipJob’s staff of writers and their innovative hiring technologies assure to provide quality resumes and other job search tools. These include professional resume, ATS optimization, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile update.


ZipJob ensures high-achieving resumes that help their clients sell their experiences to hiring managers. Since it’s their aim to exceed their clients’ expectations, most ZipJob reviews have received from their clients indicate their satisfaction with the service they got from ZipJob’s resume writers. The company guarantees you’ll receive 2 to 3 times the number of interviews if you send the resume and cover letter they’ve written than a traditional resume on your own. Offering free resume reviews is also a plus for this firm and for their consumers.

Turnaround Time

According to ZipJob’s website, even though many of their writers work over the weekend, the turnaround time still only applies to business days. Consumers can receive their first draft within 4 to 7 business days of signing up for Launch and Fast Track packages. Nonetheless, if they want to receive the first draft in 3 business days, they have to purchase the Premium package with expedited delivery included in the package.


Generally, resume writing services can cost $100 and up. Anything below that is considered to be avoided to not waste precious time. Likewise, though ZipJob isn’t cheap, their services are still affordable. The pricing rates of their 3 main packages start from $139 to $299. However, the most expensive package they have is the Executive package, which is $899.

Payment System

ZipJob accepts a variety of payment options. All major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, are accepted. If they are unable to charge your credit card, they will notify you using personal information. There are no partial or full refunds available, though. So, make sure to be certain when you’re placing your order on their website.

Customer Support

Having a fair amount of ZipJob reviews, clients are well satisfied with the work their writers have produced for them and the customer service they have experienced. You can find that most reviews are pleased with the writers they worked with for their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. ZipJob’s writers are known for being friendly, professional, and quick to listen to their clients’ concerns and request for revisions. 

Website Usability

Easy to the eyes, ZipJob website’s minimalist design is appreciated. We can see an adequate amount of text or information on the website, but it is easy to understand. The website loads quickly on PC and mobile devices, so there’s no problem when it comes to the responsiveness of the website’s pages. Overall, ZipJob’s website is simple to utilize and navigate. The steps in purchasing any package you choose are simple and quick.

Refund Policy

ZipJob does not provide full or partial refunds once an order has been made. The reason for this is that resume writing is tedious work for any resume writer. That’s why all sales are final to ZipJob. However, if you’re not satisfied with the resume they crafted for you and still not receiving more interviews after 60 days, they will rewrite it for you, free of charge. 

ZipJob Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Choosing which resume writing service provider may be a complicated task for some because of a growing number of resume writing companies. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to hire a professional resume writer since it is proven to improve job seekers’ chance of securing their ideal jobs. 

With that: Is ZipJob a good choice? The answer is most definitely! It may have a few wrinkles such as having to pay additional fees to speak and coordinate with your resume writer; but that doesn’t take away the fact that this firm delivers good output. With their wide range of experienced writers and satisfactory customer service, ZipJob is a must-hire for your job search needs.

To learn more about ZipJob’s services, visit their website. If you’re still undecided about which resume writing service to hire, check our top five choices to discover more about the leading resume writing companies in the country.

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