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Having the funds that you need is critical in order to make your plans a reality. No wonder there are a lot of fundraising events to support a cause. However, there are other ways to raise funds; one of which involving efforts to look for grantors to fund your programs. This is easy when you have a well-written grant proposal.

Fortunately, there is a long list of grant writing firms online, not to mention the convenience of their processes. Nevertheless, you should only trust the job to expert writers. This could be challenging given the hundreds of options on the internet. Don’t worry; our researchers and writers have taken task of evaluating reliable grant companies. Read one of our top picks, Williams Grant Writing Reviews, to see if it fits your grant needs.

How We Review Each Grant Writing Service

There’s no denying that hiring a reputable grant writing service provider boosts your chances of receiving a grant. As a trusted online services review site, we understand the value and effect of hiring a firm for our readers’ businesses or organizations. Thus, we make sure to look for competent grant writing service companies and evaluate them based on the factors you should on the lookout for.

If you need funding and decide to hire professional grant writers, you need to make sure that they are experts in writing grants and in your field. This is because an effective grant writer can deliver a proposal that has the requisites of grantors and the needs of the clients. With that, here are some criteria that you need to consider.

  • Writing Quality. The quality of the application sums up the overall effectiveness of the grant proposal: the grant writers’ writing style, the narrative or story, alignment of the proposal with the funder’s goals and objectives, and the justification and presentation of the applicant’s need for funding.
  • Customization Effort. Grant seekers may have similar programs, but writing a tailored proposal or one that follows the funder’s guidelines and objectives makes much difference in getting the funds. Hence, it’s best to look at the efforts of grant writers in crafting custom applications and not just copied or template-based outputs.
  • Turnaround Time. Since most grants are time-sensitive, the writing time and delivery of the output are vital to the application’s success. Most grantors accept applications tendered by the due date. Thus, the turnaround time poses a huge concern when seeking grant writing services.
  • Program Knowledge. The writer’s knowledge of the specifics of the grant applicant’s mission may mean getting the funds to make the proposed program a reality. Despite their versatility in crafting various proposals, grant writers may have specializations, allowing them to finish the application more efficiently.
  • Pricing. Service rate is a factor grant seekers check when looking for a professional grant writing service. While writers charge reasonable rates, clients must also get their money’s worth. So, most services offer packages for clients to choose based on their needs. Likewise, clients must know the company’s refund policy to be sure of the quality and to prevent disputes later.
  • Communication Ability. While grant writing entails a complex course from research to writing to revision, the writers must connect with the client right from the start. Constant communication between them is the key to having a detailed and well-written proposal.
  • Customer Service. Having a team that responds to the concerns and questions of clients is a plus for any grant writing service provider. With a friendly and effective customer relations staff, the company can attend to the needs and queries of the clients, making them satisfied with the service.

With these pointers, our team of researchers and critics set out on a search for the best grant writing services. Hence, we came across a firm that stands out not just in grants, but as well as one of the best in report writing. Check out our Williams Grant Writing reviews below.

Williams Grant Writing Reviews: Company Overview

Williams Grant Writing started with Kelly Williams’ vision of helping organizations reach their potential through getting funds. She used to write grants as a freelance gig. However, she saw the need for nonprofits and businesses to get support when it comes to looking for prospects, writing grants, making reports, and other processes that need to be accomplished.

Since 2003, this firm has served hundreds of organizations secure grants with their cost-effective grant services. It has been their goal to help their clients turn their mission and vision into reality with their quality services and resources. Aside from being known as one of the most reliable firms in the industry, it also excels in writing reports and researching for new grant opportunities.

Writing Quality

Williams Grant Writing takes pride in their team of experts, not only in grant writing but also in other fields. They’re experienced in writing proposals for small to large companies across industries—art, social services, healthcare, and education, to name a few. Not only that, the team is also adept at budgeting, planning, and creating reports.

Customization Effort

It’s expected that each grant project is different, and you can be at ease that your proposal is tailored to your 501(c)(3) requirements and goals. Having that said, they offer customized packages to meet your needs. You can avail of their grant writing, grant research, report writing, and draft review services.

Turnaround Time

Time is of the essence when applying for grants. Nevertheless, writing proposals requires considerable work to ensure that they comprise all the vital information needed to get funded. That being said, turnaround time varies depending on the complexity and length of the project. For starters, private grants may take a minimum of 3 weeks, while federal grants can take at least a month. You may contact them if you want to know the possible delivery time.

Program Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, Williams Grant Writing is home to professional grant writers who are also experts in different fields. This is to ensure that they can deliver winning proposals through their knowledge and experience in writing and their understanding of your industry. Most of their writers specialized in providing grant services to organizations, such as art, education, healthcare, and social services.


This firm offers three (3) packages, but the service rates aren’t specified on their website. Because of that, you would need to contact them to ask for a free quote. Nevertheless, here are the specifications per package.

Funder-ready membership: This is best for organizations looking for a more strategic approach to getting funds; willing to invest in resources to ensure growth and support from stakeholders; in need of coach to plan out how to effectively create and submit proposals; and interested in understanding the ins and outs of funder personas and assets.

Grant-ready membership: If you want to entrust the whole grant process to a third-party vendor, then this is for you. This is also ideal for organizations that have already received grant funding but want to increase their funding potential; want to focus on scalability; require a team to search for better grant opportunities; and seek funds from large corporations, charitable organizations, and the government.

A la carte services: When you want to focus on one project at a time and don’t need add-on services, this package is most suitable for you. This is a good choice if you need to look for a reliable prospect; write grants; and require support with report writing research, and draft review.

Communication Ability

Williams Grant Writing makes sure to collaborate with their clients and update them every step of the way. You can reach them through email, phone, or contact page.

Customer Service

They have a dedicated team that caters to the inquiries and concerns of the clients. However, they can only accommodate you via email at info@williamsgrantwriting.com, or you can reach them by calling (561) 763-1050.

Williams Grant Writing Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Grant writing is a tedious task. Fortunately, you can outsource this task to trusted firms. You just have to look for grant writing services that suit your grant needs. Remember, it takes a well-written proposal to secure a grant. That’s why if you want to get the support you need from grantors, you may avoid all the hassle by hiring the best grant writing services.

Having stable funds for your project is possible, especially when you have an expert team to back you up, write your proposals, strategize with you, and search for grantors. In order to get the approval of stakeholders, it’s vital that you don’t just focus on writing proposals but also on the details and processes of asking for funds.

Guess what? Williams Grant Writing has what it takes to deliver your grant needs. Therefore, you can be at ease because you’re in good hands. Their service offerings that go beyond grant writing is what sets them apart. They can help you starting from research, to proposal, and down reports.

If you want to know more about Williams Grant Writing, you may visit their website to ask for a consultation or request a free quote. You can also check out our reviews on other grant writing services for more options.

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