FreeUp Reviews: Are They The Best Email Manager to Clear Your Inbox?

In the business arena, not only is email an integral part of how we run our daily routine; it’s also a vital way of how we communicate. People are using emails to send reminders, schedule Zoom or Google meetings, and get together with friends. On the business side, people send emails that are instantaneously delivered to the recipient’s inbox. This is something that many businesses couldn’t live without.

As part of the marketing efforts of many businesses worldwide, emails are also used in a way to generate leads and sales. Thus, we make use of email for almost anything. In the fast-paced business world where emails are marked as important, the question is this: How do you manage your inbox? Here’s the answer: Free your inbox from all the clutter with the help of a detail-oriented email management virtual assistant. Simply hiring a dedicated virtual assistant to manage your emails is a decision you must make without haste. 

Before you look for someone who can help you handle all the follow-ups, email labeling, and scheduling, first things first: Define what an email virtual assistant is. In essence, they’re someone to whom you can delegate your most difficult email tasks so you’re not constantly hustling with all the schedules and important reads of the day. Simply put, email managers could help with the organization of what is important and enable business owners to focus on managerial-level responsibilities and discard mundane tasks. Email management is as important as leaving the note of your to-do list. Start getting your inbox zero by having a virtual assistant. 

How We Review Each Email Management Virtual Assistant

Email management is an efficient way of organizing and running an email inbox while maximizing time. It’s a process that requires application of the best email practices in order to minimize fruitless efforts. According to a study, the average worker spends 28% of their working hours sending and reading emails. To avoid cluttered inboxes and a major waste of productive time, email management is key.

Hiring a virtual assistant saves time and cost by 80% in operating costs. Instead of compensating a full-time employee, a virtual assistant at an hourly rate is as effective as a full-time employee. Need some help in finding the ideal email virtual assistant? Here’s everything you’ll need to know. Having that said; let’s break it up into smaller pieces. Here are some of the things to watch out for when hiring an email management virtual assistant.

We know how tedious it is to make time to hire someone. So, set your worries aside! Online Site Reviews is a collective body that provides fact-checked and comprehensive research of companies in every industry. Here’s a quick assessment based on our criteria that might help you decide faster and wiser. 

  • Niche. Each email management virtual assistant caters to a wide array of industries. Hence, it’s crucial that the email management VA you will hire and work with is familiar with and knowledgeable of the industry you are in.
  • Email Management Services. Before hiring one, it is highly recommended that you inquire about the inclusions of their email management services. The packages that email management VA offers should cover your needs and requirements.
  • Team Workflow/Process. Since business is done online, it’s important that you understand and agree with the process of working with your email management VA. Hiring a VA who can work independently and efficiently is vital in increasing your productivity.
  • VA Service Rates. Service rates for email management vary depending on the packages and inclusions a VA company offers. Some VAs offer hourly rates, while other VAs offer project-based rates. These options allow you to meet your business needs without compromising your allocated budget.
  • Customer Support. One of the factors that the best email management VA should possess is customer support. Check first if they are easy to contact anytime, at all means. Most clients consider VA services a top-level company when it can cater to the needs and queries of the clients in the most efficient way.
  • Privacy Policy. Knowing what, why, and how a VA company’s website collects, uses, processes, and manages your information upon visiting their site helps you think whether you would continue with the transaction or not. Hence, it’s necessary that you read, understand, and agree with their privacy policy before making a deal.

Since the break of the virtual assistance industry, many businesses have adapted and managed their tasks efficiently. An email virtual assistant is the solution that many executives have looked into in order to simplify work while delegating their emails to the person who specializes in best email practices. Before you make the crucial hire, have your eagle eyes on FreeUp services and rates to know if they have what it takes to meet your business demands.

FreeUp Reviews: Company Overview

FreeUp values every minute of the day as they house reliable remote freelancers who help clients to better manage their emails and increase efficiency. That said; FreeUp virtual assistants can help you reach your goals, whether it’s improving your responsiveness or clearing your inbox at the end of the day. FreeUp virtual assistants can build you a bespoke structured email management system to help you handle your emails more effectively.

FreeUp aims to help the millions of freelancers and online businesses that operate all over the world address the challenge of online recruiting. They make it easier for freelancers to find consistent, long-term work. Moreover, they provide a quick and dependable remote hiring experience for clients.


A high-quality and consistent experience is what virtual assistants from FreeUp bear in mind. With the goal of connecting business owners with a freelancer who can add value to their business, FreeUp selected a network of freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, and web development, among others. 

Email Management Services

Working with an email VA from FreeUp is as easy as signing up and hiring a virtual assistant with a wide array of expertise. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant who can far exceed your expectations, FreeUp has provided a list of their best virtual assistants based on skill set. Lose all worries you have in mind and set your goals straight while letting an email VA keep your less important emails cleared. In all, their virtual assistants will manage your inbox and answer your emails.

Team Workflow/Process

Immediate access to top remote talent—FreeUp provides easy access to a handpicked circle of top freelancers for their skill, attitude, and communication.

In order to be more successful, inboxes must be cleansed and arranged on a regular basis. FreeUp virtual assistants can assist you with inbox cleaning while developing effective and efficient email sorting practices that will improve the contents of your inbox. Their virtual assistants will assist you in removing junk/spam emails and organizing your inbox so that it is well-organized. They make everything more organized and manageable.

VA Service Rates

Skills-based freelancers are available in the FreeUp network. 

  • Entry Level – you can work with a virtual assistant at $5 to $15 per hour. They can take action and deliver quality work.
  • Mid Level – you can work with specialists in various industries at $15 to $30 per hour. They can take projects with minimal supervision.
  • Expert Level – you can work with multi-skilled virtual assistants at $30 to $75+ per hour. They can also serve as consultants and strategists.

Finding reliable and affordable virtual assistants needs thorough assessment. With FreeUp, there are no minimums for hourly or fixed prices! The pricing ranges for US and international freelancers. The FreeUp Marketplace does not charge a one-time or monthly fee to use. 

Customer Support

Do you need assistance deciding who to hire to do virtual assistant tasks? Or about the most effective technique to carry out your project? Speak with one of FreeUp account managers and they will walk you through the process. Their customer service team is here to assist you via phone, email, and live chat at any time. Find freelance talent with different skill sets from across the globe through FreeUp. 

Privacy Policy

FreeUp collects both non-personal information and personal information. These include anonymous usage data, general demographic information that are generated based on the data you submit. Rest assured that the personal information is limited to your email address, name, business name, phone number, and business address, which you provide to us during the Site’s registration procedure.

FreeUp Reviews: Our Final Verdict

You might think that hiring an email virtual assistant merely to manage your email is excessive. However, keep in mind that many business owners live and die by email. What a difference it would make in your life if you could finally get your inbox under control? It might be time to get some assistance. You may save roughly 12 hours per week by employing a virtual assistant from FreeUp to handle your whole email inbox so you can focus on expanding your business and only be notified about important mails.

Establishing general standards and providing direction to help them achieve exactly what you’re looking for is a crucial part of working with any employee. You can work with your virtual assistant and indicate which emails they should reply to, forward to you, delete, or archive, as well as which ones they should start or highlight. If you have any questions about an assignment, FreeUp VAs can type it up for you to review and approve before sending it.

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VA expertise
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Team Workflow/Process
4.5 / 5
VA Service Rates
4.75 / 5
Customer Support
4.5 / 5
Package Inclusions
4.25 / 5
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