ActiveCampaign Reviews: Is It a Good Platform as It Seems?

Promoting products and services is essential in every business, and one way to do that is through email marketing. Email marketing is one the most effective digital techniques in marketing. It is proven to generate leads, creates brand awareness, and builds and maintains engagement with your subscribers.

Email marketing is in which you inform clients on your email list about new items, promotions, and other services. You educate your audience through letting them learn the benefits of your brand or to keep them engaged in between transactions. In fact, it continues to generate in terms of the return on investment (ROI). It’s a profitable kind of direct marketing, with an average ROI of $36 for every $1 invested

Therefore, in order to ensure that you get the most out of this digital marketing strategy, we reviewed the top email marketing service firms and platforms. ActiveCampaign is one of the firms that has made a name for itself.

But before we get into the ActiveCampaign reviews, let’s go through the criteria we use to evaluate each email marketing service first.

How We Review Each Email Marketing Service

As a company looking for the best email marketing services, you should never lose sight of the main goal. Email marketing should always serve to broaden your market and boost your sales efforts to help you reach your target. Consequently, the ability of email marketing firms and platforms to customize your inbox for the best outcome is essential—no matter the industry you work in.

To help you leverage email marketing services, we’ve come up with a list of criteria that you should consider before hiring one. These points are vital in identifying the best option for your business needs. Hence, we’ll highlight these areas in evaluating email marketing companies and platforms.

  • Campaign Management. First on the things we’ll consider is the email marketing campaign management strategy. In this section, we’ll give you an overview about the planning, analysis of a marketing initiative, and techniques of the email marketing service companies and platforms featured on our site.
  • Industry Experience. Digital marketing is dynamic, which makes email marketing evolve greatly. Nevertheless, nothing beats reputable years of experience. As they say, thriving in digital marketing doesn’t happen overnight; it requires years to be an expert in this field.
  • Tools and Design. Email tools and designs are both important factors in ensuring you get the most out of email marketing. Having easy-to-use email tools as well as simple yet remarkable designs will help you engage with your clients.
  • Pricing. There are several email marketing service providers online; and while some of them offer very expensive services, others are affordable. Because of that, we want to give you an idea if a firm or platform fits your budget.
  • Agency Size. Another factor that you might want to look into is the agency size. While there are email marketing service providers that cater to big corporations; there are also firms and platforms that focus their services on small- to medium-sized businesses. Considering the agency size can help you narrow down if the firm is right for your business.
  • Customer Support. Customer support plays a vital role when hiring services. This makes the transaction easy and convenient. Plus, email marketing services work closely with customer support. So, if the company or platform has an excellent customer service team, it could be an indication that their email marketing services are a good investment.
  • Other Digital Marketing Services. There are several ways of promoting your brand online. Exploring these can help you generate more leads. That’s why we intend to include this factor to give you options and so you can benefit from them. In addition, many email marketing services companies and platforms offer other digital marketing services. Knowing the services that they provide can help you maximize your subscription.
  • The Results They Promise. Each email marketing company or platform has promises when it comes to the output they deliver. These give you the awareness if what they’re offering is worth giving a shot. In the same way, you’d know what to expect.

Our goal with all of these aspects is to give you unbiased evaluations of email marketing service providers. For that reason, our team of professionals spent time researching competitive email marketing businesses and platforms that can assist you in meeting your company objectives. Thus, ActiveCampaign came to our notice while we were seeking for the best email marketing solutions.

ActiveCampaign Reviews: Company Overview

ActiveCampaign was founded by Jason Vandeboom, who currently serves as the CEO of the firm. Presently, the company is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Because of their quality services that became in demand, ActiveCampaign grew internationally and has established office locations outside the US, such as Dublin, Ireland; and Sydney, Australia.

ActiveCampaign is known for their category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform, allowing ActiveCampaign to help over 150,000 businesses across more than 170 countries in connecting and engaging with their customers seamlessly.

Moreover, it has pre-built automations that companies of all sizes can access. With this platform, you can integrate email marketing, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) for effective segmentation and personalization across chat, email, messaging, social, and text.

Campaign Management

ActiveCampaign is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop this firm from providing email marketing services to other enterprises. Given that, their campaign management is proven effective. This includes email segmentation, subscription forms, site tracking, and deliverability.

Industry Experience

Since its inception in 2003, ActiveCampaign has been a thriving force in the industry and continuously proven that they are one of the top and trusted email marketing service providers in the country.

Tools and Design

ActiveCampaign’s email marketing features work together, so that their clients can send the emails that matter for their business. Here are outstanding marketing tools this form offers:

  • Multiuser editing
  • Revision history
  • Managed deliverability
  • Integrations
  • Conditional content
  • Mobile optimized
  • Link actions
  • Custom data
  • Geotracking
  • Audience segmentation
  • Free image hosting
  • Site tracking
  • Personalization
  • Social sharing
  • Analytics


In comparison to other companies, their service charges are flexible. Pay is determined by the amount of contacts you intend to have. You can also pay yearly. The following is a typical calculation for 500 contacts and inclusions in the B2C marketing suite:

  • Lite ($15 paid monthly / $9 billed yearly)

Marketing automation, email marketing, unlimited email sending, drag & drop email builder, 125+ email templates, send newsletters, subscription forms, segmentation, site and event, tracking, campaign and automation reporting

  • Plus ($70 paid monthly / $49 billed yearly)

Everything in Lite, landing pages, 50+ landing page templates, Facebook custom audiences, contact scoring, SMS marketing, automations map, conditional content, advanced performance reporting, custom branded forms and landing pages

  • Professional ($187 paid monthly / $149 billed yearly)

Everything in Plus, website personalization, predictive sending, predictive content, marketing attribution, split automations, attribution reporting, site messages

  • Enterprise ($323 paid monthly / $259 billed yearly)

Everything in Pro, custom reporting, custom mailserver domain, custom domain, free design services, unlimited email design testing, social data enrichment, custom objects

If your company is fresh to the market, you can benefit from their 14-day free trial. It lets you test the platform with up to 100 contacts and 100 emails sent. The free trial features matches to their Professional tier. Furthermore, if you are on a trial account, you will not be charged unless you upgrade to a paid account.

Agency Size

ActiveCampaign has 1,000 employees around the globe with office hubs in Chicago, Indianapolis, Dublin, and Sydney, as well as a presence in Brazil.

Customer Support

When using the ActiveCampaign platform, you can be confident that their support specialists are ready to assist you with any problem that might arise. You can even schedule a free one-on-one planning session with one of their Customer Success specialists, who will show you how to build up whatever automation you want.

They also have an Education team that provides in-depth training webinars on a regular basis to assist clients become ActiveCampaign experts. In addition, its online education center provides quick tips as well as in-depth video tutorials.

Other Digital Marketing Services

This firm also has various marketing services you can avail of. They have conversational, Ecommerce, social media marketing, and email marketing automation. This feature has subscriber engagement scoring, deliverability reporting, newsletter referral program, Facebook custom audiences, change a URL after an email is sent, and priority support.

The Results They Promise

ActiveCampaign aims to help clients save time, connect with their customers, and grow their business with the tools they need in order to compete with larger companies. And through ActiveCampaign’s personalized and automation-first approach, they are able to deliver to their clients the email marketing expectations they deserve. You can see that in most client reviews about their services.

ActiveCampaign Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Sending exactly what your email subscribers want to see is the key to generating more leads and sales for your business. Having the right email marketing strategy is very important since this helps in expanding and promoting your business’ products and services in an effective manner.

With ActiveCampaign, they truly deliver on their promise. When you choose them for your email marketing purposes, you won’t have to worry about making a last impression. Because even their clients attest to ActiveCampaign’s ability to make good on their guarantee for their business’ success.

If you’re still undecided about which email marketing service company to use, check our in-depth reviews of the other best email marketing service companies.

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