TopVA4Hire Reviews: Are They Your Ideal Social Media Manager?

In today’s era, digital marketing plays an integral role why businesses are thriving and growing. As every audience is now on social media, managing a business account is a must. Social media is the platform where a business can promote their service or product without being too pushy. A business account can help businesses engage with customers and identify customer feedback through analytics. You can also leverage social media for advertising and for building customer loyalty. 

However, if people are not aware of your business, how can they become your customer? Through social visibility, you will be able to reach a wide audience without taking a large amount of time and effort. Hence, a successful social media marketing campaign requires careful planning and constant social media presence.

Despite the potential of social media, the competition is arduous and continuously making it difficult for businesses. That said; what if you don’t have enough time to conduct research for your most crucial blog posts? That’s where a social media virtual assistant can help. 

How We Review Each Social Media Virtual Assistant

As social media influences about 43% of the population with ages from 16 to 64 according to Hootsuite, online channels play a significant role in revolutionizing how sales, marketing, and customer service work. With this business strategy on the boom, growing your business through social media channels should start now. Therefore, consider hiring a full-time social media virtual assistant.

We know how tedious it is to make the time to hire. So, set your worries aside! Online Site Reviews is a collective body that provides fact-checked and comprehensive research of companies in every industry. Here’s a quick assessment based on our criteria that might help you decide faster and wiser. 

  • Niche. Each social media virtual assistant caters to a wide array of industries. it’s crucial that the social media VA you will hire and work with is familiar with and knowledgeable of the industry you are in.
  • Services. Before hiring one, it is highly recommended that you inquire about the inclusions of their social media management services. The packages that social media VA offers should cover your needs and requirements.
  • Team workflow/process. Since business is done online, it’s important that you understand and agree with the process of working with your social media VA. Hiring a VA who can work independently and efficiently is vital in increasing your productivity.
  • VA service rates. Service rates for social media management vary depending on the packages and inclusions a VA company offers. Some VAs offer hourly rates, while other VAs offer project-based rates. These options allow you to meet your business needs without compromising your allocated budget.
  • Customer support. One of the factors that the best social media VA should possess is customer support. Most clients consider VA services a top-level company when it can cater to the needs and queries of the clients in the most efficient way.
  • Privacy policy. Knowing what, why, and how a VA company’s website collects, uses, processes, and manages your information upon visiting their site is important before you continue with the transaction. Thus, it’s necessary that you read, understand, and agree with their privacy policy before making a deal.

Since the break of the marketing industry, many businesses have adapted and made it into the list of the business giants by understanding customer value. Social media is just one of the avenues for marketing and driving conversions. So, to be able to manage advertising campaigns in social media and generate results, let a qualified and experienced social media manager do the task. Before you make the crucial hire, have your eagle eyes on TopVA4Hire’s services and rates to know if they can meet your business demands.

TopVA4Hire Reviews: Company Overview

Looking for a notable social media virtual assistant agency or company? Top VA will do the research of your market, reach to your customers, get your business up online and stand out from the rest of the competition. They take pride in meeting their deliverables especially for executives who have more important tasks on their shoulders. TopVA4Hire or simply Top VA takes extra care in hiring skilled, professional, and diligent virtual assistants to fit the needs of individuals and businesses that demand them. 


Top VA caters to any business size and industry/niche. In addition, their social media VAs are skilled in managing time and tasks at hand. Therefore, their social media VA can handle one or more social media platforms for a client. If you are an executive who is busy and would want your campaign to be managed well, Top VA can delegate a dedicated social media virtual assistant. 

A dedicated VA will help you keep your brand online while you focus on implementing business strategies and lead corporation change management initiatives. Top VA understands the fundamentals of online business to be the best at selling and driving traffic for your campaign. 


Social media marketing or (SMM) is every business’ heart to earn juicy referrals from millions of users that are online. That said, when it comes to services, package pricing is ideal especially if you would want to reach your audience and turn each engagement into a potential buyer. However, not all services are the perfect fit for clients. 

Nonetheless, working with Top VA makes brand transparency, word-of-mouth marketing, and greater online visibility right in the palm of your hands. You want to know what a virtual assistant can do for you, right? Top VA works with a personalized approach. They meet business needs through their specialized social media management packages.

Team Workflow/Process

When working with a VA, monthly processes will become more efficient over the course of time. Thus, VAs will be up to speed when completing assigned tasks. Consequently, clients might think that their VAs should be maximized to their potential while paying less. Results do not happen overnight; when it comes to social media, consistency is key. 

With that in mind, hiring a social media virtual assistant who does not need constant monitoring is a wise decision to make. Virtual assistants from Top VA do not require training and strict monitoring for they specialize in what they do. Moreover, they have years of experience in social media management. Therefore, working with Top VA guarantees consistency in your message, content strategy, and scheduling.

VA Service Rates

Social media management is no easy task as well as finding the right VA to hire. So, there goes the question: how much does a social media virtual assistant cost? The price varies depending on experience, proven results, and the demands of the clients. 

Most social media VAs are contracted for their deliverables or for their work at an hourly rate. Before you select the best offer, you should first quantify the inclusions. This way, you can determine your cost and savings. With Top VA service rates, you have the freedom to manage your social media virtual assistant’s time and let you both be efficient. Top VA service rates are one of the best picks for executives or even companies who would outsource. On their site, the rates are listed clearly with a selection whether to hire a US-based VA or off-shore VA. 

To give you a glimpse of how much it will cost you, we’ve listed their packages:

For US-based VA:

  • Starter package –  $272 for working with 1 shared VA which will complete 8 hours of work per month.
  • Premium package$1,496 for working with 1 shared VA which will complete 10 hours of work per week; 44 hours per month.
  • Premium Pro package – $5,808 for working with 1 dedicated VA  which will complete 40 hours of work per week; 176 hours per month.
  • Elite package $23,040 for working with 1 dedicated VA per shift (3 shifts) which will complete 168 hours of work per week; 720 hours per month.

For Off-shore VA

  • Starter package – $104 for working with 1 shared VA which will complete 8 hours of work per month.
  • Premium package –  $572 for working with 1 shared VA which will complete 10 hours of work per week; 44 hours per month.
  • Premium Pro package $2,112 for working with 1 dedicated VA which will complete 40 hours of work per week; 176 hours per month.
  • Elite package $7,920 for working with 1 dedicated VA per shift (3 shifts) which will complete 168 hours of work per week; 720 hours per month.

Hiring Top VA will give you the satisfaction of leaving the page interactions and social media calendar to their VAs.

Customer Support

The time spent on your business profiles should be taken with much thought. As a business owner, there are essential tasks you need to prioritize. Hiring a talented and reliable virtual assistant is a piece of cake but maintaining long-term professional relationships is the hard part. With Top VA, the social media VA is well prepared and experienced to complete the tasks. Moreover, connecting with them is trouble-free.

You can set up a free consultation with them, or simply reach out, tell your needs, and describe the tasks you have to assign. Then, schedule a phone call with a social media virtual assistant. Afterwards, expect their call to discuss with you the service and other processes such as subscription and billing.

Privacy Policy

Top VA promises to keep your PII safe at all times. They are committed to respecting the privacy of its clients and applicants for VA jobs. Top VA’s privacy statement includes how to use them, modify or delete them, share personal data, and preserve and protect them. Their partners (referred to as “virtual assistant(s) or “VAs”) may utilize your information to provide personalized services, track preferences, and offer relevant services to clients.

TopVA4Hire Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Creating a social media presence can be time-consuming. Having someone who understands how these things work and how they come together effectively should come in helpful. A virtual assistant for social media might be a valuable addition to your company. Hiring a social media VA will help you save time and increase your productivity. So, consider outsourcing your tasks to a skilled social media virtual assistant from Top VA, including all your social media to-do lists.

Looking for a social media virtual assistant who could be in sync with your work schedule and ethics, as well as a professional in all fields? Then, partner with Top VA now to enjoy their personalized approach in handling key tasks for their clients. You’ll understand how much time you can save along with all tasks you can maximize. Hiring a dedicated VA will enable you to focus more on other aspects of your business to flourish. You can devote more time to evaluating and developing a business growth strategy.

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VA expertise
4.5 / 5
Team Workflow/Process
4.75 / 5
VA Service Rates
3.75 / 5
Customer Support
4 / 5
Package Inclusions
3.75 / 5
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