Professional Grant Writers Reviews: Is It the Best Choice for Your Grant Needs?

The majority of nonprofit organizations desire to include government or foundation donations in their grant funding. Hence, grant writing and research need time in order to have polished work. You could be lucky enough to be able to employ a skilled grant writer. With that said, our writers and researchers evaluated one of the best firms in the field. Let’s take a closer look through Professional Grant Writers reviews to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of hiring them.

The market for grantmakers and grant applicants changes every year due to economic developments and international factors. Writing grants frequently involves exploring a wide variety of financing options. Each award in each area may have standards that are noticeably different.

How frequently do well-run, well-governed NGOs that provide a useful service and have successful programs submit grant applications? Most of them submit a good number of proposals to different agencies. Thus, there’s a need for professional grant writers to ensure that organizations can secure grants.

How We Review Each Grant Writing Service

Being a nonprofit has many advantages, one of which is the abundance of funds available. Finding funding agencies and having adequate time to complete the applications are challenges for many institutions. Not to mention, these applications might range in length from one or two pages to over sixty, depending on the type of award. It might be nearly impossible to find time to submit a grant application if your organization has limited to no personnel.

Grant writing also demands years of expertise, procedural knowledge, and writing abilities. You can’t commission any staff member or writer to do it. Hiring a grant writer is the best option for your organization to make sure you get an advantage over the competition. So, in picking the right one for you, how can we help in ensuring the perfect fit? We have searched the internet to find reliable grant writing companies. Here are some things we consider in rating them.

  • Writing Quality. The quality of the application sums up the overall effectiveness of the grant proposal: grant writers’ writing style; the narrative or story; the alignment of the proposal with the funder’s goals and objectives; and the justification and presentation of the applicant’s need for funding.
  • Customization Effort. Grant seekers may have similar programs, but writing a tailored proposal or one that follows the funder’s guidelines and objectives makes much difference in getting the funds. Hence, it’s best to look at the efforts of grant writers in crafting custom applications and not just copied or template-based outputs.
  • Turnaround Time. Since most grants are time-sensitive given the deadline set by funders, the writing time and the delivery of the output are vital for the application’s success. Most grantors accept applications tendered by the due date. Thus, the turnaround time poses a huge concern in seeking grant writing services.
  • Program Knowledge. The writer’s knowledge of the specifics of the grant applicant’s mission may mean getting the funds to make the proposed programs a reality. Despite their versatility in crafting various proposals, grant writers may have specializations, allowing them to finish the application more efficiently.
  • Pricing. Service rate is a factor grant seekers check when looking for a professional grant writing service. While writers charge reasonable rates, clients must also get their money’s worth. So, most services offer packages for clients to choose based on their needs. Likewise, clients must know the company’s refund policy to be sure of the quality and to prevent disputes later.
  • Communication Ability. While grant writing entails a complex course from research to writing to revision, the writers must connect with the client right from the start. They need to get in touch with the client by phone or email. Constant communication between them is the key to having a detailed and well-written proposal. 
  • Customer Service. Having a team that promptly responds to the concerns and questions of clients and users is definitely a plus for any grant writing service provider. With a friendly and effective customer relations staff, the company can attend to the needs and queries of the clients, making them satisfied with the service.

Writing and submitting grant proposals might be a difficult undertaking for you and your inexperienced team. This frequently leads to poor and incomplete grant applications. Consequently, offering unbiased reviews is one of our key objectives. What are you waiting for? Read on our Professional Grant Writers reviews to find out if this firm suits your grant writing needs.

Expert Tip: Find a writer who has experience in your field. If your organization works in the healthcare or other federal sectors, you may want to look for a grant writer with expertise in explaining difficult concepts into simpler terms.

Professional Grant Writers Reviews: Company Overview

Professional Grant Writers is a team of skilled nonprofit consultants enabling a charity organization—whether it runs a food bank, an after-school program, or a foreign medical mission—to raise funds with purpose. They also assist people, artists, and small enterprises in locating and submitting grant applications. Moreover, they could help you search for grant opportunities. with their access to funding databases and directories. However, the directories are subscription-based.

Professional Grant Writers crafts grant proposals that can satisfy the demands of the donor while working closely with the client or a designated point of contact. Rest assured that the quality is superb as they examine and finish the grant. Thus, it guarantees that all of its information is correct and up-to-date. Additionally, they have worked with JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, National WIC Association, Family Health Center, Lafayette General Foundation, Future Farmers of America, and more.

Writing Quality

Professional Grant Writers keeps their work structured and their staff is able to communicate effectively. By being meticulous about understanding industry jargon, they can produce a proposal that’s shorter. This is vital, as grants should be short, precise, and straightforward. In an effort to sound educated and respectable, they know how to ensure the quality of their writing while ensuring readability and substance.

Customization Effort

Their grant writers take the time to go through the requirements and details of proposals before starting a new one. In the process, they will ask a few questions such as: What worked well about earlier suggestions, and where might they be improved? Do you have any regrets about the inclusion or omission of certain details? Even though every proposal is different, taking the time to examine your earlier work may be quite helpful to you in the future.

Turnaround Time

Since they are a grant writing team with consultants, each service they provide will surely match your requirements. However, you must contact them and start speaking with the team to handle your project. Plus, they start by reviewing the grant papers that clients have already sent to them along with the application that a client wants to submit.

Program Knowledge

Good research abilities go hand in hand with quality and knowledge of the industry. Additionally, their grant writers are knowledgeable of the most recent developments and facts about grants. You’ll have higher chances of receiving funds if you remain at the forefront of your industry. It’s a good thing that Professional Grant Writers is expert in obtaining funds from both regional and national foundations as well as from municipal, state, and federal governments.


What is the price of writing grants? How much do grant writers charge? What is the hourly pay of a grant writer? All these are common questions when it comes to hiring a writer. At Professional Grant Writers, they do charge by the hour, but they also prefer to provide customers with an estimate of how much it will cost to avail of their services. You may contact them or fill in the form to get a free estimate.

Communication Ability

Professional Grant Writers guarantee their clients with easy and convenient process. They make sure to collaborate with them from consultation to delivery. When you hire their services, you will be assigned with a dedicated grant writer who will work closely with your grant requirements. Not only that, they also provide coaching services to help you get the funding you need.

Customer Service

Another important factor when hiring service providers is to make sure that their customer service is reliable and easy to contact. As for Professional Grant Writers, they have responsive customer support team. However, you can only contact them through email or on their Contact page.

Professional Grant Writers Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Finding grants requires critical thinking and appropriate tone since you don’t want to apply for grants that are too ambitious or the wrong match. That is an utter waste of time and money. Based on the objectives and assets of the organization, a competent grant writer suggests which awards to submit an application for based on the objectives and assets of the organization.

Having said that, hiring Professional Grant Writers enables you to concentrate on your everyday tasks and maintain business as usual at your corporation. Nothing will be put on the back burner. With the exception of reviewing drafts, supplying some attachments, and contributing to the budget, the firm bears the task of crafting an application package and its contents. Their expertise allows you to continue doing what you do best every day to further the goals of your company.

Professional Grant Writers provides a pricing estimate up front and take pleasure in being open and honest about their prices and charge structure. Plus, with their good variety of services, you can be at ease that you’ll win your most-needed grant.

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