The 5 Best Social Media Virtual Assistant Services

Social media has made a huge impact on people’s lives as it becomes part of our routine to stay connected with other people. In fact, a recent survey by DataReportal said that the number of social media users welled up to 4.55 billion across the globe in October 2021—accounting for 57.6% of the total global population. With this data, no wonder that businesses as well as celebrities and influencers take advantage of social media to widen their network and boost online presence.
While social media management seems easy, it takes a great amount of time and creativity to fully benefit from it. Not to mention that it involves planning of strategies, researching relevant contents, scheduling posts, and tracking social media growth. If you want to make the most out of social media, you need to make sure to be always visible online by posting and making social engagement every day.
With this kind of demand, it’s wise to hire someone who’ll be in charge of your social media accounts. This is ideal for business owners and professionals who need more time to focus on their core responsibilities.

Best Social Media Virtual Assistant Company

The Best Social Media Virtual Assistant Services that Made the Cut

Managing social media effectively can result to better online reach, for which you’d need a good strategy to connect with your audience by posting impactful contents. Because of this, many opt to hire social media VAs; it gives them the ease of growing their market.
If you want a robust social media presence, let expert social media virtual assistants handle your accounts while you focus on your more important tasks. Good thing, hiring virtual assistants is now made easy because of easy access to VA service companies online. The challenge, however, is that there are plenty of options online.
Needless to say, you’ll only give the job to the best VA online. As a service review site, we understand the need to assess the merits of each virtual assistant service provider. That said; our expert critics took the time to search for commendable social media virtual assistant services and evaluate if they are worth giving a shot. Here are the companies that met our standards and qualified as the most businesses-friendly, best personal plan, most generous package, best for influencers, and most cost-effective.
Best Overall
One of the notable social media virtual assistant companies, Top VA markets their high-quality virtual assistant services to mostly business owners and executives. They take pride in their tailored services for your staffing needs. Aside from social media management, they also offer other VA solutions such as email management, booking assistance, calendar management, accounting assistance, data management, content marketing, website maintenance, and research assistance.
Top VA offers 4 plans—Starter, Premium, Premium Pro, and Elite. The pay differs depending whether you’re hiring their US-based VA or offshore-based VA.

Starter (US-based VA: $272, offshore-based VA: $104)

8 hours per month and 1 shared VA

Premium (US-based VA: $1,496, offshore-based VA: $572)

44 hours per month, 10 hours per week, and 1 shared VA

Premium Pro (US-based VA: $5,808, offshore-based VA: $2,112)

176 hours per month, 40 hours per week, and 1 dedicated VA

Elite (US-based VA: $23,040, offshore-based VA: $7,920)

Elite (US-based VA: $23,040, offshore-based VA: $7,920): 720 hours per month, 168 hour per week, and 1 dedicated VA per shift (3 shifts)

TopVAHire has a support team who are always ready to answer your queries and tend to your concerns given the team’s 24/7 customer support. You can always leave a message through their contact forms, as well as set a free consultation or call them at 310 492 9677.
Best Personal Plan
OkayRelax offers cost-effective services best for individuals who need more time to focus on what matters most but want to boost their online presence. They are dedicated to helping individuals manage their social media accounts. Based in Tampa, Florida, OkayRelax also houses offshore teams of VAs from the Philippines, India, and Pakistan, all of which experts at handling social media management tasks.
OkayRelax has 3 VA plans; each plan covers research, phone calls, and scheduling tasks. You can pay the plans monthly or yearly. When you choose the latter, you’ll get a discount.

Relief ($29.95 monthly, or $24.95 a month paid yearly)

Research, phone calls, and scheduling tasks, 5 tasks credits per month

Comfort ($99.95 monthly, or $74.95 a month paid yearly)

44 hours per month, 10 hours per week, and 1 shared VA

Relaxed ($399.95 monthly, or $299.95 a month paid yearly)

everything in Comfort, 100 tasks credit per month, and a dedicated assistant

You can reach their support team through email, phone call, and live chat. Their lines are open Mondays to Fridays at 9AM to 9PM EST.
Most Generous Package
Virtual assistance has become very convenient and flexible with 20four7VA. This is a full-service agency with in-house human resources, VA coaches, IT support, and accounting teams. They take pride in offering clients a free of charge hiring process. This means you only need to pay when your dedicated social media virtual assistant starts working for you.
Pricing depends on the qualifications of the social media virtual assistant you prefer to hire. All packages include free pairing service, 14-day trial, onboarding assistance, dedicated customer support officer, login access to time recording and screen monitoring software, support from recruitment, HR, and IT teams, 40 training and upskilling modules, data security and privacy guarantee, customizable VA team package solutions, option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel, and planning and VA talent pipelining.

Entry-level VA ($88 per week)

Intermediate Jr. Level VA ($103 per week)

Intermediate Sr. Level VA ($113 per week)

Advanced Level VA ($143 per week)

20four7VA has a team of customer support ready to answer your questions and help you. You can call them Mondays to Fridays at 8AM to 5PM EST. You can also reach them through their contact form and they promise to get in touch with you in 24 hours. Plus, they offer free consultation to guide you with your VA sourcing plans.
Best For Influencers
Virtual Assistant Talent (VAT) has been in the social media virtual assistant staffing solution industry since 2009. Their team of VAs is outsourced from the Philippines. Nonetheless, VAT is based in the US. They’ve been providing their services to businesses in the US, Canada, UK, and other countries across the globe.
Virtual Assistant Talent offers 2 plans—weekly and monthly. Their weekly plan covers a week amount of work for 10, 15, 20, or 40 hours weekly prepaid plan. On one hand, their monthly plan covers prepaid VA hours consumable for a month. When you avail their monthly subscription, they promise a 50% discount.

10 hours weekly service ($139.50)

15 hours weekly service ($209.25)

20 hours weekly service ($279.00)

40 hours weekly service ($558.00)

40 hours monthly service ($558.00)

60 hours monthly service ($837.00)

80 hours monthly service ($1,116.00)

160 hours monthly service ($2,232.00)

Despite their support team located in the Philippines, you can still reach them by sending a message on their email address or contacting them at 1-866-596-9041. If you want to get in touch with them in person, you can visit them at their headquarters in the US at 3984 Washington Blvd Suite 110 Fremont, CA 94538.
Most Cost-effective
Since 2008, GetCallers has been known for its affordable call center and VA services including social media virtual assistant services. They aim to help and empower small businesses to grow and boost their market. They guarantee their clients with high-quality services for as low as $5 per hour.
GetCallers has 3 subscription plans—30, 35, and 40 hours weekly service. All plans have the following features: languages supported, account manager, unlimited lead uploads, live transfers, recordings storage, overtime hours, script and rebuttal support, appointment setting, and assistance obtaining lead lists from other vendors.

30 hours weekly service ($5.95)

35 hours weekly service ($5.75)

40 hours weekly service ($5)

You can reach them through their contact form or live chat on their website. They also have lines in the US, Australia, and UK.

Our Final Thoughts

Social media management is a vital strategy to have better online reach and an improved online traffic. These two aspects are essential in order to grow a business and even to widen your network. With continuous digitization, business owners and individuals understand the importance of being visible online.
This in mind, we want to help you boost your productivity and still ensure social media engagement. This will be possible when you hire the VA staffing solution that’s best for your goals. Check out our comprehensive reviews about the social media virtual assistant companies that could satisfy your VA needs.
Got a question or want us to review something? Shoot us a message and we will do our best to get you the info you need.
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