Blue Corona Reviews: Is It Really One of the Best Transactional Services Out There?

As of today, around 4.8 billion people are internet users and 4.48 billion are active social media users. Statistics show that the average time people spend on social media each day is 2 hours and 24 minutes. That said; it is easy to say that we are living in a time where technological advancements dominate the world. Social media is used, not only for personal purposes, but also for professional and business development.

Before, marketing and advertising through magazines, newspaper, radio, and television were enough. Now, social media is the ultimate driving force for generating leads and sales. Thus, companies are impelled to take their marketing strategies in social media. 

Social media marketing makes use of social media channels to engage with your target audience and promote your brand; while also helping you enhance revenue and attract visitors to your website. However, you can only benefit from social media platforms if you have the necessary technology, tools, and skills in digital marketing. If these are missing or lacking, publishing contents on social media may be similar to playing football without ever hitting the goal.

On that account, you’ll need a dependable and knowledgeable social media marketing team to ensure you’re maximizing the potential of this internet marketing technique. As a review site for service providers, we recognize the significance of selecting the best agency for your company’s needs. Hence, we spent our time looking for reputable social media marketing firms that might meet your company’s needs, which led us to Blue Corona.

Before we get started, let’s first discuss the criteria we use to evaluate social media marketing firms.

How We Review Each Social Media Marketing Services

As your firm grows, you may want to hire a third-party organization to help you handle some elements of your work. Many businesses are turning to a social media marketing agency to help them revamp their digital strategy and take it to new heights. The problem is that there are a number of agencies to choose from, and that number is growing by the day. So, how do you pick the best agency for you? Before you decide, check these criteria to know if the agency is the right one for your business.

  • Niche. Many businesses claim to provide social media marketing services, but are they really a social media marketing agency? Many agencies label themselves as digital marketing firms, social media firms, content marketing firms, video marketing firms, and micro-influencer firms; and this is typically where their genuine skill lies. Of course, knowing what you want from a social media marketing agency is also important.
  • Service Offerings/Package. The research obviously should begin online. Visit the websites of various social media agencies to gauge their general approach to working with clients. Do they specialize in the minutiae of social media account handling, or are they a part of a wider approach to marketing?
  • Workflow Platform. As online visibility goes with the flow of time, social media efforts rely on the best times to post your content. That means that everything is measured in minutes. As a business owner, you should be able to keep track of your social media marketing service provider’s workflow at all times.
  • Pricing. The cost of social media is determined by a number of factors, ranging from the platform to the sector. Businesses spend an average of $4000 to $7000 per month on social media management, which includes marketing and advertising on one or more networks. Social media services cost $900 to $20,000 per month, and social media consultants charge $75 to $500 per hour if outsourced.
  • Communication. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, meet in person to discuss methods and prices. Of all, we live in a remote-working environment, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a “face-to-face” debate of some sort. While email interaction is convenient, building an initial connection through Skype or phone establishes a solid basis for any successful long-term business relationship.
  • Results. Knowing your key performance indicators (KPIs) will make it easier for you to express your requirements and goals for your business. It’s critical that all of your company’s top decision-makers agree. It is best to find an agency where you can communicate your goals. Also, your KPIs should concern increasing interaction, site traffic, and sign-ups, as well as connecting with influencers to improve customer service from a social media standpoint.

Our major goal is to provide you with unbiased reviews to assist you decide which social media marketing service is best for your business. Therefore, our research team spent hours looking for social media marketing services that fit our requirements. Blue Corona is one of those who passed our standards. Read on to learn more about this social media marketing provider.

Blue Corona Reviews: Company Overview

Founded in 2007 by Ben Landers with the help of Bob Perini, Blue Corona is an inbound web marketing, analytics and optimization firm. They assist organizations in identifying and eliminating ineffective advertising methods in order to create more leads and revenues through the web.

Blue Corona aims to assist business owners and marketing executives to use technology and the internet to measurably improve their marketing performance and return or investment. Specifically, the firm provides 17 services aimed to increase leads and sales, optimize marketing costs, and differentiate brands. Some of the services are digital marketing services, SEO, customer service training, lead recovery, website design, and social media marketing.

Be that as it may, it is important to take note that Blue Corona is more of a marketing company that serves industries like clean energy and solar panels, roofing companies, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).


An analytical, data-driven online marketing and social media marketing company, Blue Corona makes an effort to operate from their client’s perspective. They seek to effectively market advertising strategies to help your company grow leads and engage with your target local community.

In addition to that, they provide full-suite home service digital marketing, including SEO, website design, PPC, Local Services advertising, social media, email marketing, instant website chat services, analytics and tracking, OTT advertising, and more. Through these services, they make it a goal to help businesses grow their webpage’s following across channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms.

Service Offerings/Package

Aside from web marketing and SEO services, Blue Corona provides a dedicated account manager, detailed monthly reports, support team, and access to their proprietary analytics software to their clients. Additionally, they have social media analytics and reporting, brand monitoring, reputation management, and Facebook likes and shares influence rankings. Not only that, they also offer free SEO analysis for your website.

Workflow Platform

For Blue Corona’s social media marketing approach they have what they repeatedly mentioned on their website their marketing approach, which is “TRACK > TEST > TWEAK > REPEAT.” To emphasize more about this approach, they complete a competitor analysis first. Then, they’ll create engaging organic and data-driven paid social campaigns. After doing so, the Blue Corona team will track your social campaigns, manage and monitor your social reputation. Finally, they’ll amplify your efforts with website integration.


Blue Corona’s website does not provide the detailed cost of their services. They mentioned that it depends on the package you choose. Every home services digital marketing package is customized to fit your sales goals, marketing needs, and wants. To know more about their service pricing, you can inquire and contact them over the phone or through their contact form.


One consistent thing about every Blue Corona’s client reviews is that their customer service team is very helpful. You don’t have to worry as a client whenever you’ll need assistance regarding their services, because their team responds in a prompt manner and provides the insights you need. You can also access their free analysis of your website and they guarantee you’ll walk away with at least two to three helpful insights to improve your online marketing performance.

This firm has offices located in Maryland and North Carolina which you can both contact directly. They can be reached through inquiry form on their website and phone call. However, they can only be contacted during office hours from Monday to Friday.


Their social media marketing service is one of the services out there that truly delivers when it comes to helping you grow and manage your online presence. The effectiveness in developing SEO strategies and marketing campaigns across social media platforms says about their dependability as a social media marketing service provider.

Blue Corona Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Staying competitive in the market today means you must increase your online presence. Hence, social media marketing is the go-to approach for many businesses to integrate into their business development plan. However, reaping the rewards takes time, effort, and expertise.

Therefore, as a company aiming to meet the demands of your business and attempt to attract a following in the social media platform, you really need to up your game. To be able to do this, hiring expert social media marketers is what you need if you lack expertise and skills in this area. With that, Blue Corona proves to be one of the most competitive digital marketing service providers for home service companies. They are the best transactional service on our list for a reason.

If you want to learn more about Blue Corona, you can visit their website. But, if you’re still seeking other options, go check our other reviews of the best social media marketing companies in the industry today!

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