Sendinblue Reviews: Is Their Service a Great Value for Your Money?

Email marketing has been one of the effective digital marketing strategies since the 21st century. It’s a way of keeping in touch with loyal clients and reaching a wider network. It’s no secret how online platforms such as social media and email have been part of our lives. In fact, OptinMonster projected that there’ll be 126.7 trillion emails sent by 2022 from 102.6 emails in 2020.

With this data, many businesses see the potential of using email marketing as a tool to promote their brand. Additionally, expert digital marketers said that email boosts a return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent.

That said; it’s wise to take advantage of email marketing. To fully benefit from this digital marketing technique, we have reviewed the top email marketing service companies and platforms. One of the firms that made the cut is Sendinblue. Before we dive into Sendinblue reviews, let’s first discuss the criteria we use to weigh each email marketing service.

How We Review Each Email Marketing Service

As a company looking for the best email marketing services, you should never lose sight of the main goal: Email marketing should always serve to broaden your market and boost your sales efforts to help you reach your target. Consequently, the ability of email marketing firms and platforms to customize your inbox for the best outcome—no matter the industry you work in—is essential.

To help you leverage email marketing services, we’ve come up with a list of criteria that you should consider before hiring one. These points are vital in identifying the best option for your business needs. Hence, we’ll highlight these areas in evaluating email marketing companies and platforms.

  • Campaign Management. First on the things we’ll weigh is the email marketing campaign management strategy. In this section, we’ll give you an overview about the planning, analysis of a marketing initiative, and techniques of the email marketing service companies and platforms featured on our site.
  • Industry Experience. Digital marketing is dynamic, which makes email marketing evolve greatly. Nevertheless, nothing beats reputable years of experience. As they say, thriving in digital marketing doesn’t happen overnight; it requires years to be an expert in this field.
  • Tools and Design. Email tools and designs are both important factors in ensuring you get the most out of email marketing. Having easy-to-use email tools as well as simple yet remarkable designs will help you engage with your clients.
  • Pricing. It’s no secret that there are a number of email marketing service providers online. Some of them offer very expensive services, while others are affordable. Because of that, we want to give you an idea if a firm or platform fits your budget.
  • Agency Size. Another factor that you might want to look into is the agency size. There are email marketing service providers that cater to big corporations. On one hand, there are also firms and platforms that focus their services on small- to medium-sized businesses. Considering the agency size can help you narrow down if the firm is right for your business.
  • Customer Support. Customer support plays a vital role when hiring services. This makes the transaction easy and convenient. Plus, email marketing services work closely with customer support. So, if the company or platform has an excellent customer service team, it could be an indication that their email marketing services are a good investment.
  • Other Digital Marketing Services. There are several ways of promoting your brand online. Exploring these can help you generate more leads. That’s why we intend to include this factor to give you options and so you can benefit from them. In addition, many email marketing services companies and platforms offer other digital marketing services. Knowing the services they provide can help you maximize your subscription.
  • The Results They Promise. Each email marketing company or platform has promises when it comes to the output they deliver. These give you the awareness if what they’re offering is worth giving a shot. In the same way, you’d know what to expect.

With all these factors, our goal is to give you unbiased reviews about digital marketing services agencies. This in mind, our team of critic writers take time to look for competitive email marketing companies and platforms that can help you achieve your business goals. As we dig for top-notch email marketing platforms, we came across Sendinblue. Jump in and read our Sendinblue reviews.

Sendinblue Reviews: Company Overview

Sendinblue is an email marketing platform best for small- to mid-sized businesses; aiming to help organizations grow with their budget-friendly marketing suites. To add, this platform offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 175,000 growing companies across the globe.

Sendinblue prides itself with being able to cater to your email marketing needs regardless of the industry you’re in. They have offices in the US, France, India, and Germany. Plus, you can navigate their website using 6 languages—English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Campaign Management

As mentioned earlier, this email marketing platform offers marketing campaigns suitable for both start-up and established businesses. As part of their campaign management, they provide email and SMS marketing, automation, and engagement.

Furthermore, they offer 5 marketing campaign management features—communicate, personalize, convert, improve, and integrate.

  • Communicate: email marketing, email API, SMS marketing, chat, and inbox
  • Personalize: CRM, marketing automation, and transactional email
  • Convert: signup forms, landing pages, and Facebook ads
  • Improve: open and click-through reports, email heat map, A/B testing, real-time statistics, and send time optimization
  • Integrate: API and plugins

Industry Experience

Sendinblue has been in the digital marketing industry for 10 years now. With their years of experience, they were able to get more than 300K users from 180 countries.

Tools and Design

Managing digital communications is easy with Sendinblue. They have a variety of tools and designs for email campaigns, marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), transactional email, and live chat.

  • Email Campaigns: responsive design email builder, WYSIWYG HTML email editor, drag and drop editor, HTML newsletter editor, segmentation software, A/B testing, and “Send at the Best Time” algorithm
  • Marketing Automation: SMS automation software, API, and marketing automation plugins
  • CRM: contact management and interaction tracking software
  • Transactional Email: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) infrastructure, API, eCommerce plugins, and marketing automation
  • Live Chat: multichannel chat app, Sendinblue tracker, and chat conversation operation


If you’re looking for an email marketing platform of great value, Sendinblue should be on top of your list. They have easy-to-understand affordable plans based on the monthly email sends. They have 5 plans—Free, Lite, Premium, Enterprise, and Flexible.

  • Free ($0): unlimited contacts, up to 300 emails per day, and 1 chat user
  • Lite ($25): everything in Free, no daily sending limit, email support, A/B testing, removable of Sendinblue logo, and advanced statistics
  • Premium ($65): everything in Lite, marketing automation, Facebook ads, landing pages, multi-user access, and telephone support
  • Enterprise (request a quote): everything in Premium, custom volume of emails, priority sending, 20+ landing pages, access for 10+ users, SSO (SAML), customer success manager, priority support, and more
  • Flexible: everything in Lite. The pay for this plan depends on the number of email sends you prefer from 5,000 to a million, ranging from $40 to $1,995. This subscription has no expiration date.

If you’re interested in using other digital marketing features, you can check their service offerings and rates. There, you can also find the mode of payment and other frequently asked questions about their services.

Agency Size

According to their LinkedIn profile, Sendinblue has more than 500 talented employees representing over 67 nationalities. In addition, they claim to have reached more than 1 billion collective customers worldwide.

Customer Support

Their app is easy to use, yet you can count on their support team in case you encounter problems with the software. Moreover, they provide tutorial videos on how to navigate the platform and there are context-sensitive help buttons to guide you.

Aside from that, you can check their answers to frequently asked questions from their subscribers. You can contact them when you need tech support, report abuse, connect with the press, and get in touch with the sales team.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Aside from email marketing, they have a good deal of campaign management features such as contact management, transactional platform, marketing automation, reporting, and support and integrations.

The Results They Promise

Sendinblue takes pride in their automation services that don’t need tech support with its efficiency, easy integrations with application programming interface (APIS), multi-account management on single sign-on (SSO), and their user-friendly interface.

Sendinblue also pledges to provide commendable email marketing solutions at affordable rates; with their competent team dedicated to improving their marketing suites and applications.

Sendinblue Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Email marketing plays an important role in lead generation and brand awareness. It’s a tool to make sure to stay connected with clients and reach new ones. Therefore, you need to ensure that you trust the task to an email marketing agency that could deliver the output you desire.

There are several factors that make a digital marketing service company or platform to be considered the best. One is offering quality services at an attractive price. If you’re on a tight budget, then choosing a service provider that’s both budget-friendly and efficient is a priority.

To answer if Sendinblue passes that aspect—best value for money. Our verdict: Yes! We recommend this platform if you own a startup business. With their email marketing campaigns, advanced tools, and affordable plans, you can be at ease that your targeted messages, promotions, and updates will be read by your audience. If you’re still hesitant whether Sendinblue is worth a penny, you can try their email marketing services for free. Click on Sendinblue and as you can read on their website, “Prepare for takeoff and thrive digitally.”

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