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Fundraising has undergone a substantial process in recent years. This activity was first primarily associated with the larger nonprofit organizations (NGOs), but as the economy declined, numerous groups started to consider and plan the collection of private donations as a component of their strategy. Also, donors themselves are calling for an increase in openness on the use of their contributions and the effects they have.

Furthermore, the existence and profitability of the majority of NGOs depends on grant funding. However, applying for grants may be a very competitive process. When a grant writer initially asks for funding for a new project or organization, writing a proposal can be particularly challenging.

The fact that each funder often expects something different from a grant proposal contributes to the difficulty of grant writing. Although most funders want to see the same basic facts in a proposal, there can be significant variations in the narrative arrangements, available space, and styles. 

To help improve your grant writing efforts, it is best to seek help with a professional in grant writing. Check out one of Write On Fundraising reviews prepared by our team to know if their work is a good fit for you.

How We Review Each Grant Writing Services

A resource- and money-efficient strategy to increase your organization’s chances of receiving funding is to hire a grant writing provider. They can assist with grant applications and administration. Additionally, it relieves you or your team of the workload related to grants so you may concentrate on other tasks. In this aspect, the difficult part is deciding which one gives you the best chance of getting and administering appropriate funding for your program.

You can count on getting a precise set of competences and talents when you work with a grant writing service. We take pride in delivering unbiased and educational Write On Fundraising reviews as an online services review site. Now, here are the set of criteria to consider.

  • Writing Quality. The quality of the application sums up the overall effectiveness of the grant proposal. This include the grant writers’ writing style, narrative or story, the alignment of the proposal with the funder’s goals and objectives, and the justification and presentation of the applicant’s need for funding.
  • Customization Effort. Grant seekers may have similar programs, but writing a tailored proposal or one that follows the funder’s guidelines and objectives makes considerable difference in getting the funds. Hence, it is best to look at the efforts of grant writers in crafting custom applications and not just copied or template-based outputs.
  • Turnaround Time. Since most grants are time-sensitive, the writing time and the delivery of the output are vital for the application’s success. Most grantors accept applications tendered by the due date. Thus, the turnaround time poses a huge concern when seeking grant writing services.
  • Program Knowledge. The writer’s knowledge of the specifics of the grant applicant’s mission may mean getting the funds to make the proposed program a reality. Despite their versatility in crafting various proposals, grant writers may have specializations, allowing them to finish the application more efficiently.
  • Pricing. Service rate is a factor grant seekers check when looking for a professional grant writing service. While writers charge reasonable rates, clients must also get their money’s worth. So, most services offer packages for clients to choose based on their needs. Likewise, clients must know the company’s refund policy to be sure of the quality and to prevent disputes later.
  • Communication Ability. While grant writing entails a complex course from research to writing to revision, the writers must connect with the client right from the start. They need to get in touch with the client by phone or email. Constant communication between them is the key to having a detailed and well-written proposal.
  • Customer Service. Having a team that responds to the concerns and questions of clients is definitely a plus for any grant writing service provider. With a friendly and effective customer relations staff, the company can attend to the needs and queries of the clients, making them satisfied with the service.

Write On Fundraising Reviews: Company Overview

Based on the amount of cash a nonprofit organization needs to get from private foundation, governmental, and corporate foundation sources, Write On Fundraising tailors grant writing services to meet their needs. So, regardless of how big or small your organization is, their authors will assist you raise more money.

Apart from their grant writing service, Write On Fundraising’s writing services are intended to create new programs and increase the functionality of current programs, or fix systems that may have been improperly maintained in the past.

Writing Quality

Quality project design is key. As a result, Write On Fundraising review reflects well on their superior grant writing. It is important to get in touch with a grant professional who is familiar with the information on each funder because money is a resource in the grant environment. The Write On Fundraising team seeks out and assists groups in forming alliances to increase their financing choices. Prior to submitting a grant application, having a top-notch program in place might determine whether it is awarded or not.

Customization Effort

Working with Write On Fundraising will provide you access to a whole team of fundraising experts committed to the success of your program. This Write On Fundraising review will help you understand that their experts have specialization in grant writing within your particular field or industry. As part of the process, they offer Stewardship Plan Administration and Custom Donor Prospect Profiles.

Turnaround Time

Write On Fundraising offers packages for their grant writing services. If you want to avail of their writing services, you may choose from four packages with number of hours in a month.

Program Knowledge

The staff of Write On Fundraising provides expert guidance on the process of organizing and preparing a proposal. Consider grant proposals’ general goals, target audiences, and expectations while writing about fundraising in order to make the material usable in a variety of situations.


The cost of their services is determined after consultation with the customer because their grant writers are skilled at developing the appropriate tone and voice for each grant application. You can see a list of their services on their website, but you must speak with their staff in order to sign a service agreement.

Communication Ability

You can book a free meeting with a Write On Fundraising staff member as a client to discuss what would be the greatest fit for your organization’s objectives. Overall, services are provided quickly, along with other project management demands. Additionally, they collaborate with their customers who require monthly coaching and training to aid in developing connections.

Customer Service

The Write On Fundraising is providing the best with its assistance and customer service. Their staff is familiar with the structure and scope of client projects. The same is true of their customer service; they have a staff of support personnel that can answer questions.

Write On Fundraising Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Grants are a great method to receive funding for your small business or charitable organization to keep it operating. The nicest thing about grants is that, unlike loans, which you ultimately have to pay back, they are practically free money. But as a result, getting a grant is always quite competitive. Finding a grant writer is your greatest bet for landing a grant.

For the final say if they are a professional grant writer to hire, take note of the Write On Fundraising reviews by our team of researchers and editors. We want you to find a firm who comes with verifiable experience and success. This can reduce the amount of time you have to spend looking for an online service provider that is in line with your business. Ask about their process, their success rate, and how often you can expect updates during the process.

Therefore, consider expertise, experience, and skill in all areas of grant writing and administration that are important to your goal when choosing a company to conduct your grant writing. Learn more about Write On Fundraising by visiting their website. If you want other grant writing options, we have a list of our top picks. Read on our 5 best grant writing service providers.

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