Resume Professional Writers Reviews: Is RPW Worth Hiring?

Hiring resume writing services is now a trend because it helps job applicants focus on their application and increase their chances of landing their desired posts. Also, resume writing companies are home to professional writers trained and certified to write impressive resumes that can pass the applicant tracking system (ATS). This gives job seekers the leverage over other aspirants who opted not to seek help from expert resume writers.

As the number of resume writing firms increases, we have decided to review the top resume companies to help you identify the best resume writing service provider to hire. We carefully researched different companies to review.

How Do We Review Each Resume Service Provider

There are a lot of professional resume writing services online and they keep on multiplying. Because of this, hiring the most suitable for your job search needs could be a challenge given the thousands of options on the internet. As a writing services review company, we want you to receive the service you deserve.

With this in mind, our expert writers came up with the criteria we think you need to know before hiring a resume writing service provider. Here are some of the points we’ll highlight in evaluating resume writing firms.

  • Niche. Resume companies cater to different industries. Thus, we want you to be familiar with the specialization of each firm to help you decide whether it’s the best for the field you’re pursuing.
  • Quality. Specialization of each firm isn’t enough if the quality is lacking. That’s why we make sure to only review the best by verifying their legitimacy and the quality of their outputs.
  • Turnaround time. We’ll also give you an idea about how fast a resume writing firm can deliver your job search tool.
  •  Pricing. Another important factor is the service rates. Remember, professional writers require reasonable pay. Moreover, it’s necessary for job seekers to know if they will get what they paid for.
  • Payment System. Knowing the modes of payment is helpful for fast and easy transactions. Not to mention, convenience is something most clients prefer.
  •  Customer Support. Having friendly and effective customer service is a plus. We include this factor because most clients consider a resume writing service provider a top-level company when it can cater to the needs and queries of the clients in the most efficient way.
  •  Website Usability. Since transactions are done online, it’s vital that the firm’s website is easy to access and navigate. In this area, you’ll have an idea about how fast their website loads and how accessible it is.
  • Refund Policy. Having a clear refund policy gives its clients the assurance that transactions are secured and guaranteed to be of good quality.

Considering all the factors stated above, we aim to give you unbiased reviews of different resume companies. Thus, we made an effort and took time in looking for the most trusted resume companies. As we’re doing our research, we came across Resume Professional Writers.

Resume Professional Writers Reviews: Company Overview

Resume Professional Writers (RPW) is considered one of the pioneers in resume writing services. With more than 20 years of experience in the business, this firm has teams of professional writers who are experts in different industries. These include human resources, technical, science, medicine, engineering, industrial, manufacturing, and education. In addition, they offer 4 main packages—Basic, Deluxe, Premium, and Ultimate.


Since 2000, Resume Professional Writers has been producing quality industry-based resumes and other job search tools. These include cover letter, thank you letter, follow-up letter, comprehensive salary report, reference page, biography, statement of purpose for college admission, opening statement in job interviews, and LinkedIn profile writing. And with writers who are experts in different career fields, they can cater to almost all industries.


RPW guarantees high-quality resumes and other job search tools. In addition, they offer free resume reviews that you can utilize before signing up for their services.

The firm assures their clients that they offer nothing but the best services with the help of their industry experts who regularly undergo training programs to ensure that they well are equipped and up to date with the trends in resume writing.

Turnaround Time

RPW understands the importance of delivering quality resumes at the shortest period of time. That’s why they have different turnaround time options depending on the package of your choice. You can receive your first draft in 4 business days for Basic, 3 business days for Deluxe, 2 business days for Premium, and 1 business day for Ultimate package.


If you’re looking for good deals, you might want to consider RPW. They have resume packages that are ideal for entry-level job seekers who are on a tight budget. You can have a professional resume written by experts in the industry you’re trying to be in from as low as $125 for the Basic package to as high as $485 for the Ultimate package.

Payment System

This firm offers flexible payment methods. It accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay through PayPal.

Customer Support

RPW claims to have a 96% annual customer service satisfaction rating, something they have maintained for years which resulted to more referrals and returning clients. This became possible with their ATS-friendly, interview-guarantee resumes and other job search documents. Their support team is also top-notch when it comes to dealing with clients’ concerns and inquiries.

Website Usability

Neat and easy to use, Resume Professional Writers’ website includes important website elements. It’s not text-heavy and loads efficiently and fast both on PC and mobile. As a result, you don’t need to wait for too long and all the pages are responsive.

Further, you can find what you’re looking for on the menu bar and important pages are linked to clickable buttons that are strategically placed on the site. This enables users to easily transact and avail their services. You’re going to be satisfied not only with their resume writing services, but also with their website usability.

Refund Policy

RPW is one of the firms that offer unlimited revisions to unfinished projects until clients are satisfied. With error-free, keyword-optimized resumes, clients are assured they’ll receive interview invites in 60 days once they submit the final version of their resume.

Additionally, it’s a good thing RPW has a clear and easy-to-understand project agreement for clients. It’s stated there that the firm grants full refund for orders canceled within 24 hours. If the project was canceled after the 24-hour period, the client will receive 90% of the amount paid. 75% refund will be given after the client cancels the service after the initial draft was sent, and 60% when a draft was sent and one to two revisions were made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Resume Professional Writers provide quality services?

Resume Professional Writers is highly recommended. Their services pass all the criteria of what makes a resume writing service provider worth hiring. They have built-in software that makes sure your resume passes the applicant tracking system.

Does Resume Professional Writers have a free trial service?

Resume Professional Writers doesn’t offer a free resume writing service. However, they can review your resume for free even before you hire their services. They also have resume examples that you can use as a guide in writing your resume.

What services do Resume Professional Writers offer?

Resume Professional Writers offers various services such as resume, CV, LinkedIn profile, and Federal resume writing, as well as job posting service and job search add-ons.

Resume Professional Writers Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Hiring resume writing service providers can help job seekers have a better chance of landing their dream jobs. We are with you in your job search journey. Hence, we’re glad you’ve read our review until the end.

To answer the most important question: Is Resume Professional Writers worth it? Our answer: Yes! We recommend this resume writing company because it passes all the criteria we set in evaluating online resume writing companies. With their years of experience in resume writing and the expertise of their professional writers, it’s evident that their service is worth giving a shot. Not to mention, they have a built-in software that checks each resume and makes sure it will pass the applicant tracking system. That said, RPW is known for being one of the best resume writing firms that guarantees ATS-optimized resumes.

To learn more about Resume Professional Writers’ services, visit their website. Still hesitant which resume firm to hire? Check out our top 5 picks and learn more about these best resume writing companies.

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