ConvertKit Reviews: Is It as Good as What Online Influencers Say?

Selling products and services in a very competitive market is not an easy thing to do in this day and age. There are a lot of contributing factors in achieving success for any business. One factor that helps in cultivating success is marketing; specifically, email marketing. 

As one of the effective types of marketing, email marketing plays a key role in selling your products and running a successful business. This approach allows you to attract potential customers and generate leads by producing content that is curated and personalized to your target market. That way, you build a relationship with your customers and increase brand awareness.

Having said that; email marketing as a strategy is a wise choice. Therefore, to guarantee that you get the most out of this digital marketing approach, we examined the top email marketing service companies and platforms. ConvertKit is one of the companies that have left a mark.

But first, before we go into the ConvertKit reviews, let’s go over the criteria we use to assess each email marketing service.

How We Review Each Email Marketing Service

As a company looking for the best email marketing services, you should never lose sight of the main goal. Email marketing should always serve to broaden your market and boost your sales efforts to help you reach your target. Consequently, the ability of email marketing firms and platforms to customize your inbox for the best outcome is essential—no matter the industry you work in.

To help you leverage email marketing services, we’ve come up with a list of criteria that you should consider before hiring one. These points are vital in identifying the best option for your business needs. Hence, we’ll highlight these areas in evaluating email marketing companies and platforms.

  • Campaign Management. First on the things we’ll consider is the email marketing campaign management strategy. In this section, we’ll give you an overview about the planning, analysis of a marketing initiative, and techniques of the email marketing service companies and platforms featured on our site.
  • Industry Experience. Digital marketing is dynamic, which makes email marketing evolve greatly. Nevertheless, nothing beats reputable years of experience. As they say, thriving in digital marketing doesn’t happen overnight; it requires years to be an expert in this field.
  • Tools and Design. Email tools and designs are both important factors in ensuring you get the most out of email marketing. Having easy-to-use email tools as well as simple yet remarkable designs will help you engage with your clients.
  • Pricing. There are several email marketing service providers online; and while some of them offer very expensive services, others are affordable. Because of that, we want to give you an idea if a firm or platform fits your budget.
  • Agency Size. Another factor that you might want to look into is the agency size. While there are email marketing service providers that cater to big corporations; there are also firms and platforms that focus their services on small- to medium-sized businesses. Considering the agency size can help you narrow down if the firm is right for your business.
  • Customer Support. Customer support plays a vital role when hiring services. This makes the transaction easy and convenient. Plus, email marketing services work closely with customer support. So, if the company or platform has an excellent customer service team, it could be an indication that their email marketing services are a good investment.
  • Other Digital Marketing Services. There are several ways of promoting your brand online. Exploring these can help you generate more leads. That’s why we intend to include this factor to give you options and so you can benefit from them. In addition, many email marketing services companies and platforms offer other digital marketing services. Knowing the services they provide can help you maximize your subscription.
  • The Results They Promise. Each email marketing company or platform has promises when it comes to the output they deliver. These give you the awareness if what they’re offering is worth giving a shot. In the same way, you’d know what to expect.

Our objective with all of these aspects is to provide you with unbiased assessments of email marketing services firms. For that reason, our team of professionals spent time researching competitive email marketing businesses and platforms that can assist you in meeting your company objectives. As we were looking for the best email marketing solutions, ConvertKit came to our attention.

ConvertKit Reviews: Company Overview

ConvertKit started as a side project back in 2013 by its founder, Nathan Barry. Now, it is one of the best email marketing service providers in the country. This company has 68 team members across 57 cities; the services of which are currently being used by creators which include authors, coaches, musicians, and podcasters.

ConvertKit aims to connect their clients with their audience and grow their business using email marketing software that is easy to use. It is a marketing automation tool that builds simple forms and drip campaigns to automatically send emails to new subscribers, as well as provides a simple solution for drip email campaigns. They claim that you can spend less time on their tool and more time creating. It is definitely a good choice for online creators.

Campaign Management

ConvertKit’s campaign management includes easy-to-use email templates, sign up forms and landing pages to grow your email list, tips on organizing and understanding your subscribers, and automated email funnels.

Industry Experience

ConvertKit is a relatively new email marketing service provider. Since its inception in 2013, ConvertKit has since proven to produce quality email marketing services with a considerable amount of online creator clients.

Tools and Design

ConvertKit is well-known for offering high-quality services and an impressive set of digital marketing tools. Here are a few of their noteworthy marketing aspects.

  • Workflow automation rules
  • Custom landing page creation
  • Sign up forms landing pages
  • Easy email templates
  • Paid newsletter
  • Commerce
  • Personalized content
  • Integration
  • Drag-and-drop email sequences
  • Stats on every email
  • A/B testing
  • Free concierge migration


ConvertKit is one of those email marketing services providers that offer a free trial. Pricing is based on the number of email subscribers:

Free ($0 monthly & yearly) – up to 1,000 subscribers, unlimited landing pages and forms, send email broadcasts, sell digital products & subscriptions, community support

Creator ($15 monthly / $9 yearly) – up to 300 subscribers, unlimited landing pages and forms, send email broadcasts, sell digital products and subscriptions, live chat and email support, free migration from another tool, automated funnels and sequences

Creator Pro ($29 monthly / $25 yearly) – up to 300 subscribers, unlimited landing pages and forms, send email broadcasts, sell digital products and subscriptions, priority live chat and email support, free migration from another tool, automated funnels and sequences, Facebook custom audiences, newsletter referral system, subscriber scoring, advanced reporting

Agency Size

According to ConvertKit’s LinkedIn profile, they have an approximate of 51 to 200 employees. They have team members in 57 different cities across the US.

Customer Support

ConvertKit has one of the nicest and helpful customer support services. It’s easy to get support over email as well as live chat support. If ever you encounter a problem with their software, you’ll be pleased to hear from them right away.

Aside from their email and live chat support, you can also check out their community and video training on their website. Connect with other creators online and access their live workshops, on-demand, workshops, and technical tutorials when you register on their websites.

Other Digital Marketing Services

This firm also has what they call “Creator Pro.” This feature has subscriber engagement scoring, deliverability reporting, newsletter referral program, Facebook custom audiences, change a URL after an email is sent, and priority support.

The Results They Promise

ConvertKit’s goal is to help online creators make a livelihood by creating tools that allow them to increase their audience, engage with their actual fans, and make a career by selling digital products and services online. They promise 98% delivery rate and 30% average open rate.

In addition, ConvertKit assures that if you utilize their email marketing software, you will spend less time promoting and more time producing. They guarantee that you will expand your audience by converting casual visitors into subscribers and earn profit doing what you love.

ConvertKit Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Utilizing email marketing strategy is something everyone in the business needs to tap into. It is surely one of the effective forms of marketing out there. It can assist you in expanding your network, staying in contact with your target audience, and promoting your business—all in the easy accessing of digital mails on a daily or weekly basis.

With ConvertKit, you won’t regret choosing their email marketing services. You’ll gain customer leads and you can increase your revenue as you use the company’s software. Growing your business with the assistance of their technology is very easy to use and navigate, be it for beginners, professionals, or online creators.

To know more about ConvertKit, you can visit their website. But if you’re still unsure which email marketing service provider to hire, read our comprehensive reviews of other best email marketing service providers.

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