Find My Profession Reviews: Is It as Good as Other Resume Writing Firms?

Find My Profession is more than a resume writing service provider; they also offer other job search services. Whether you’re looking for someone to write and update your resume, coach you in your career path, or just hire someone to manage your job search; Find My Profession can help you do it. Their goal is “to help job seekers find and secure their dream jobs.”

The company does it in three ways: professional resume writing, legendary career finder, and traditional career coaching. Learn more about this resume writing and career counseling provider as you read through this review.

How We Review Each Resume Service Provider

There are a lot of professional resume writing services online and they keep on multiplying. Because of this, hiring the most suitable for your job search needs could be a challenge given the thousands of options on the internet. As a writing services review company, we want you to receive the service you deserve.

With this in mind, our expert writers came up with the criteria we think you need to know before hiring a resume writing service provider. Here are some of the points we’ll highlight in evaluating resume writing firms.

  •  Niche. Resume companies cater to different industries. Thus, we want you to be familiar with the specialization of each firm to help you decide whether it’s the best for the field you’re pursuing.
  • Quality. Specialization of each firm isn’t enough if the quality is lacking. That’s why we make sure to only review the best by verifying their legitimacy and the quality of their outputs.
  • Turnaround time. We’ll also give you an idea about how fast a resume writing firm can deliver your job search tool.
  • Pricing. Another important factor is the service rates. Remember, professional writers require reasonable pay. Moreover, it’s necessary for job seekers to know if they will get what they paid for.
  • Payment System. Knowing the modes of payment is helpful for fast and easy transactions. Not to mention, convenience is something most clients prefer.
  • Customer Support. Having friendly and effective customer service is a plus. We include this factor because most clients consider a resume writing service provider a top-level company when it can cater to the needs and queries of the clients in the most efficient way.
  • Website Usability. Since transactions are done online, it’s vital that the firm’s website is easy to access and navigate. In this area, you’ll have an idea about how fast their website loads and how accessible it is.
  • Refund Policy. Having a clear refund policy gives its clients the assurance that transactions are secured and guaranteed to be of good quality.

With that said, we’re here to present you with unbiased reviews of resume firms based on all of the following factors we’ve listed that make a resume company the finest in the game. And, while looking for the highly regarded resume writing companies, our sights focused on Find My Profession reviews.

Find My Profession Reviews: Company Overview

Find My Profession is a reputable provider of job search solutions. Founded in late 2015 by Mike Podesto, this company is committed to providing excellent service. It offers a variety of services which makes them unique from other resume writing service providers. They offer 60-day interview guarantee resume writing services—C-level Resume, Executive Resume, Entry-level Resume, Professional Resume, Federal Resume, and CV Writing. Besides their services, they have Career Coaching and Career Finder, too.

For their Elite Career Coaching Services for professionals, Find My Profession offers premium career coaching options: Career Discovery, Job Searching, LinkedIn Networking, and Interview Coaching. On the other hand, the Career Finder is handled by their team of what they call ‘Reverse Recruiters’.


With a team composed of professional resume writers experienced in 85+ unique industries and professions, Find My Profession’s primary goal is to provide top-rated resumes. They cater to any career level and industry, so you don’t have to worry whether you’re changing career paths or sticking to the same industry.


Although some client reviews say they get above-average resumes from this firm, Find My Professions can still deliver when it comes to the quality of resume writing. They pride themselves in only hiring elite resume writers who aim to provide high-quality resumes. Upon signing up for ordering any of their resume packages, they’ll match you with their writer based on your relevant experience. You’ll be assured of getting modern resume design with ATS compatibility, 6-second test optimized, and fully customizable Word and PDF versions.

Additionally, you can have customizable cover letters for any position and company, as well as SEO-optimized and keyword-rich LinkedIn profiles to attract recruiters. That is if you avail their VIP Gold package.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time varies for every service Find My Profession offers. All the resume writing services take 3 to 5 business days. The packages offer 1 week unlimited revisions and 60-day interview guarantee. Within 3 to 5 business days, you’ll receive your draft via email for your review, while you are entitled to a 7-day revision if you see something that needs revision. In cases involving faster delivery, they do have the option to let their clients upgrade to priority service for 2 business day delivery.


Like other resume writing companies, Find My Profession’s service cost ranges similarly from other firms. Since it has 3 main services (resume writing, career coaching, and career finder) with sub-service branches, prices vary. All their services are one-time investments paid up front.

For resume writing, there are 6 different writing services. It also varies which career level you’ll choose. Prices start at $395 up to $1395, and you can select additional services after placing your order. For “priority service”, it costs $149. On the other hand, Professional Bio service is $299, while their Networking resume is worth $449.

Payment System

Find My Profession accepts credit card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. They also accept PayPal payment. Simple as online payment, you’ll get the resume you expect.

Customer Support

Find My Profession has excellent customer service, with most client reviews indicating their satisfaction with how responsive the company’s team is from the sign-up period down to the writers assigned to them.

Their writers answer client inquiries via email and phone calls. Moreover, when you avail the career finder service on top of their resume writing service, they’ll do most of the job, from writing to searching and applying to jobs for you. You will be given an assistant who will fill out applications you’ve approved using the ATS-compatible resume form they’ve written.

Website Usability

When it comes to Find My Profession’s website, the page’s loading speed is fast and there are no broken links. Accessible both on PC and mobile versions; the site is definitely easy to use, and the information listed on every page can be clearly read. Users can quickly find the services they want to avail. And, even the overall design is not confusing.

Refund Policy

Find My Profession does refund but is at their sole and absolute discretion. They offer this in the form of a credit from their services or a money-back refund.

Find My Profession Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Deciding which resume writing company to hire may be a hard task for some job seekers because of the many choices to choose from. Nonetheless, hiring professional resume writers has been shown to increase job seeker’s chances of landing job interviews.

That said; Find My Profession may have only been established in late 2015, but it has proven credibility and excellence over the years. They have produced exceptionally written resumes and cover letters. So, if you decide to hire them, you won’t have to worry because they are tried and trusted in producing effective job search tools. They have their fair share of benefits and disadvantages, but it is up to you to try and see their services.

Visit Find My Profession’s website to discover more about their services. If you’re still uncertain about which resume writing service to choose, take a look at our top five picks to learn more about the best resume writing services today.

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