Allied Grant Writers Reviews: Win the Grant You Most Needed with Their Service

Financial assistance helps individuals and organizations turn their programs into reality. With the right strategies and effective grant documents, non-profit organizations can get funding from charitable institutions or government agencies. However, it takes an expert to write a winning grant. No wonder most people applying for monetary support hire professional grant writers to craft proposals.

Grant writing is not an easy task. In fact, it’s challenging and could be confusing and frustrating. Hence, it’s a sound decision to let professional grant writers do the daunting task for you. Fortunately, there’s a long list of grant writing companies online. To help you sift through the best firms, check out our reviews of our top picks, starting with our Allied Grant Writers reviews.

How We Review Each Grant Writing Services

As said above, grant writing requires so much time, effort, and skills to ensure that you’ll get the funds you need. Whether you’re from a non-profit organization or an individual who desires to get financial support, you need a well-written document by the experts. Therefore, it’s best to hire professional grant writers to increase your chances of getting the approval of grantors.

As an online services review site, we understand the value of good service. With the goal of helping our readers find third-party vendors that best suit their needs, our writers and editors have spent hours searching the internet for trusted grant writing service companies. Moreover, our team of critics set criteria to be used to evaluate grant writing firms.

  • Writing Quality. The quality of the application sums up the overall effectiveness of the grant proposal: the grant writers’ writing style; the narrative or story; the alignment of the proposal with the funder’s goals and objectives; and the justification and presentation of the applicant’s need for funding.
  • Customization Effort. Grant seekers may have similar programs, but writing a tailored proposal or one that follows the funder’s guidelines and objectives makes much difference in getting the funds. Hence, it is best to look at the efforts of grant writers in crafting custom applications and not just copied or template-based outputs.
  • Turnaround Time. Since most grants are time-sensitive, given the deadline set by funders, the writing time and the delivery of the output are vital for the application’s success. Most grantors accept applications tendered by the due date. Thus, the turnaround time poses a huge concern when seeking grant writing services.
  • Program Knowledge. The writer’s knowledge of the specifics of the grant applicant’s mission may mean getting the funds to make the proposed program a reality. Despite their versatility in crafting various proposals, grant writers may have specializations, allowing them to finish the application more efficiently.
  • Pricing. Service rate is a factor grant seekers check when looking for a professional grant writing service. While writers charge reasonable rates, clients must also get their money’s worth. So, most services offer packages for clients to choose based on their needs. Likewise, clients must know the company’s refund policy to be sure of the quality and to prevent disputes later.
  • Communication Ability. While grant writing entails a complex course from research to writing to revision, the writers must connect with the client right from the start. They need to get in touch with the client by phone or email. Constant communication between them is the key to having a detailed and well-written proposal.
  • Customer Service. Having a team that responds to the concerns and questions of clients is definitely a plus for any grant writing service provider. With a friendly and effective customer relations staff, the company can attend to the needs and queries of the clients, making them satisfied with the service.

With these points in mind, we have spent a great amount of time looking for promising, reliable, and expert grant writers. In our search, we discovered Allied Grant Writers. Jump into Allied Grant Writers reviews to know why it’s part of our top picks.

Allied Grant Writers Reviews: Company Overview

Allied Grant Writers has been in the business for more than 10 years. They have served thousands of grantees—students, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Their reputable years of experience are a product of their expertise in the field. This also leads to satisfied clients that testify for the quality and effectiveness of their writers in producing grant proposals.

Writing Quality

This firm is home to grant writers who have relevant experience in technical writing and are skilled in the field. They are also knowledgeable in different industries. Thus, they guarantee their clients that they can produce a proposal that reflects your vision for the program and the industry-related keywords to make your application worth giving funds.

Customization Effort

As previously stated, Allied Grant Writers is equipped to produce quality grant proposals. They assure their clients that they can keep up with the guidelines and expectations of grant seekers. They make sure to write custom proposals for each of their clients based on the project qualifications. Aside from the usual grant writing service, they have a specific service for custom grant application.

Turnaround Time

Grant writing eats up so much time. If you want a winning grant writing document, it’s best to give writers ample time to finish it. This makes Allied Grant Writers stand out from other firms. This is because they can produce proposals in 10 to 30 business days, depending on the package. They have 4 packages: Starter (10 days), Basic (15 days), Deluxe (20 days), and Premium (30 days).

Program Knowledge

There’s a wide variety of sectors that offer grants to different organizations and even individuals. With this, it’s a requirement to write a grant that’s aligned to your industry and the kind of funding you wish to apply to. Allied Grant Writers hires professional writers who are experts in research and different industries. Plus, they go through a series of training programs to ensure that their skills and knowledge are up-to-date.


Allied Grant Writers provides non-profit, custom, business, and education grant writing services. They also have add-on services such as grant search, rush service, letter writing, and grant editing. Their service rates may vary depending on the inclusions, turnaround time, and grant requirements.

  • Starter Package: $400 for 7 to 10 pages
  • Basic Package: $700 for 11 to 20 pages
  • Deluxe Package: $1,500 for 21 to 30 pages
  • Premium Package: $2,500 for 31 to 40 pages

On their website, it’s stated that the appropriate package and pricing will be decided upon assessment of your grant writing needs. Therefore, it’s best to request a free quote to get an idea of how much you need to put in for your grant project. 

Communication Ability

Communication plays a vital role in providing services, especially in grant writing. It’s important to be able to effectively collaborate with your service provider. If you want a smooth process and an easy way of working with a professional grant writer, this firm has a dedicated team that has superb communication skills. They also have an efficient process of connecting with their clients by updating them through email or phone call.

Customer Service

As highlighted in the previous point, Allied Grant Writers has a support team that answers to all the concerns and questions of their clients. Moreover, it’s convenient to contact them via phone, email, or through their website. They ensure that they will promptly respond to all queries.

Allied Grant Writers Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Planning, searching for data and sources, writing a proposal, looking for grantors, and following up its status make for a successful grant. It takes so much effort, but you can take the easy road by hiring professional grant writers. With their expertise in the field, you can be at ease that they’ll receive an effectively-written proposal.

This can be achieved when you trust the job to a reliable grant writing team. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to look for them online, however not all can deliver the service you deserve. Nevertheless, reading reviews and testimonials before hiring a firm is a crucial step.

Now that you’ve read our Allied Grant Writers reviews, you may still wonder if their service is a good deal. To answer that, we can say that they’re worth giving a shot. Their service offerings, inclusions, rates, and customer support are all above the average. They also house seasoned professional grant writers. With these factors, you can get a good night’s sleep and wait for tomorrow’s good news—a successful grant.

Learn more about Allied Grant Writers by visiting their website. If you want other grant writing options, we have a list of our top picks. Read on our 5 best grant writing service providers.

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Allied Grant Writers

Writing Expertise
4.75 / 5
4.75 / 5
Customer Support
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Turnaround Time
4.5 / 5
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