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It’s no secret that businesses and organizations need substantial funds to keep them going. However, some need financial assistance for their programs to succeed. This is especially true for startups. Fortunately, there are funding agencies you can rely on. Hence, it’s vital to have a well-written grant to secure monetary support from them.

This could be challenging because it requires technical know-how in grant writing and your industry. Don’t worry; if you don’t have the expertise in the field, you can always hire a grant writer to do the task for you. There’s a long list of firms that offer grant writing services. Read one of our best choices—BryteBridge reviews—before hiring one.

How We Review Each Grant Writing Services

As mentioned earlier, grant writing requires skills and considerable time to come up with a winning grant. That said; if you need funding, it’s best to hire an expert grant writer to increase your chances of getting the assistance you need. Their knowledge of both your field and writing grants enables them to craft a proposal that duly reflects your mission and vision, along with the technicalities needed to get the support.

We at Online Site Reviews aim to help our readers find the best service they deserve. That’s why we make sure to provide unbiased reviews of different online services, including grant writing. To make sure we rate firms fairly, our team set criteria to evaluate third-party vendors.

  • Writing Quality. The quality of the application sums up the overall effectiveness of the grant proposal: the grant writers’ writing style, the narrative or story, the alignment of the proposal with the funder’s goals and objectives, and the justification and presentation of the applicant’s need for funding.
  • Customization Effort. Grant seekers may have similar programs, but writing a tailored proposal or one that follows the funder’s guidelines and objectives makes much difference in getting the funds. Hence, it’s best to look at the efforts of grant writers in crafting custom applications and not just copied or template-based outputs.
  • Turnaround Time. Since most grants are time-sensitive given the deadline set by funders, the writing time and the delivery of the output are vital for the application’s success. Most grantors accept applications tendered by the due date. Thus, the turnaround time poses a huge concern when seeking grant writing services.
  • Program Knowledge. The writer’s knowledge of the specifics of the grant applicant’s mission may mean getting the funds to make the proposed program a reality. Despite their versatility in crafting various proposals, grant writers may have specializations, allowing them to finish the application more efficiently.
  • Pricing. Service rate is a factor grant seekers check when looking for a professional grant writing service. While writers charge reasonable rates, clients must also get their money’s worth. So, most services offer packages for clients to choose based on their needs. Likewise, clients must know the company’s refund policy to be sure of the quality and to prevent disputes later.
  • Communication Ability. While grant writing entails a complex course from research to writing to revision, the writers must connect with the client right from the start. They need to get in touch with the client by phone or email. Constant communication between them is the key to having a detailed and well-written proposal.
  • Customer Service. Having a team that responds to the concerns and questions of clients is definitely a plus for any grant writing service provider. With a friendly and effective customer relations staff, the company can attend to the needs and queries of the clients, making them satisfied with the service.

There’s no denying that these factors make a good and reliable grant writing company. Therefore, having these criteria in mind, we put our heads together as a team of writers and researchers to look for the best of the best grant writing services. Wait no longer and read on our BryteBridge reviews.

BryteBridge Reviews: Company Overview

Since 2004, BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions has been in the business of helping individuals start nonprofits. This firm is a one-stop resource to set up, build, and grow your organization. They offer support for your nonprofit needs by providing you with the services needed to make your vision into reality.

To take a closer look at their grant writing services, here are some of their service inclusions:

  • Researching and identifying grants
  • Writing letters of inquiry
  • Completing proposals
  • Submitting applications
  • Assisting in budget creation
  • Building budget support narratives
  • Reviewing existing grant proposals
  • Preparing strategic plans
  • Analyzing an organization’s grant readiness
  • Assisting with other 501(c)(3) needs.

Writing Quality

BryteBridge takes pride in housing seasoned professionals who are experts in different industries and are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills in grant writing. Because of this, they guarantee their clients that all grant writing projects are handled by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Customization Effort

The firm is very vocal in their mission of providing assistance in obtaining 501(c)(3), getting more funding, and maintaining the annual compliance certification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They have different teams that work with you every step of the way because they believe that one size doesn’t fit all.

To place grant writing in the spotlight, BryteBridge has dedicated professionals assigned to grant research, grant writing, and team management. With this, you have the assurance that they can write a tailored proposal that follows the funder’s guidelines and objectives.

Turnaround Time

Grant writing is something that shouldn’t be rushed. It requires time and meticulousness, so expect that it will take time to complete your project. This also depends on the complexity of your grant requirements. You can request a free consultation to get an idea of their services and turnaround time.

Program Knowledge

As previously stated, BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions is home to professionals who are experts in the fields of finance and grants. They have dedicated teams for nonprofit start-ups, web and design support, 990 tax services, compliance, insurance, and grant writing and development. Having said that, they can address your fundraising requirements regardless of the industry you’re part of.


They have a wide range of services for nonprofits. Despite having various service offerings, they are confident that their clients will receive the best solution to their grant writing needs. They assure them by giving a price match guarantee and a money-back benefit.

Focusing on grants, they offer 3 options—GearUp for Grants, OnDemand Grant Services, and Grant Management. They also have custom pricing and services. Here’s an overview of their service rates and inclusions:

GearUp for Grants (starts at $699): Dedicated development coordinator, letter of inquiry template, budget templates and reviews, grant research, community grant submission, and future grant proposal discount

OnDemand Grant Services: This option has 2 offerings; grant research and grant applications services, with their rates starting at $899 and $1299, respectively.

Grant research service includes dedicated development coordinator, grant foundation research, online access to funders’ profiles, and research guarantee.

Grant applications service inclusions are dedicated development coordinator, grant writing expert, letter of inquiry, grant foundation research, application submission, organizational profile, budget review, and financial workbooks.

Grant Management (starts at $1649): 3-, 6-, and 12-month engagement terms, dedicated development coordinator, expert grant writer, grant management technology, regular reporting, letter of inquiry, application submission, organizational profile, funding overview, budget review, financial workbooks, and guaranteed submissions (based on engagement terms).

Communication Ability

One of the core values of this firm is to make sure that they collaborate effectively with their clients to provide solutions to their grant writing needs. With that in mind, BryteBridge levels up their communication process by giving their clients regular updates; talking to them regarding the details of the deliverables; addressing their concerns; and providing easy ways to reach them through phone, email, or on their Contact Us page.

Customer Service

As stated above, BryteBridge puts high value on connecting with their clients. Furthermore, they make sure that you can contact them conveniently. They have a page on their website that serves as their directory for requesting more information, scheduling a free consultation, and reaching customer service.

However, if you’re an existing client and want to get an update, you might get a response within 2 business days after completing the service request ticket. If you require an immediate response, you can call them directly from 9 AM to 7 PM EST Monday to Friday.

BryteBridge Reviews: Our Final Verdict

A successful nonprofit requires good planning, effective strategies, and stable funds. And while the latter could be challenging to achieve, it’s nonetheless attainable with the right grant proposal at hand. If you want to keep your programs running, leverage reliable grant writing services. Their expertise in the field could help you secure the assistance you need.

To give light to your question: Will I get the funding I need by hiring BryteBridge’s services? The answer: Yes! BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions has what it takes to provide you with the proposal you need. Plus, it’s recommended for nonprofit start-ups because it has the services a new organization needs to get accredited and funded.

With all those criteria laid out, it’s safe to say that their services are worth hiring. Visit their website to learn more about them and their offerings. If you still want to consider other options, we have a list of the best grant writing service providers for you. Check out our top picks—5 best grant writing companies.

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