OkayRelax Reviews: Can They Provide the Best Personalized Social Media VA Plan?

Having a robust online presence plays a key role in ensuring that your brand is accessible. It’s a great way to promote your business to a wider audience. With the continuous rise of digitalization, people are becoming reliant on the convenience such technologies bring. For one, many spend hours online for leisure, transactions, and business. In fact, according to DataReportal, 5.18 billion people around the globe are using the internet. That’s around 64.6% of the world’s population.

Because of this number, expert digital marketers see the opportunities in leveraging social media platforms to achieve growth. With the right plan and dedicated virtual assistants, your business can reach its target audience across borders.

Moreover, it’s imperative to fully take advantage of social media in order to make your brand known. Having that said, it requires time, effort, and skills to effectively come up with strategies and ways to implement them.

How We Review Each Social Media Virtual Assistant

A team at Kepios.com estimated that there are 4.80 billion social media users worldwide in April 2023. What does this tell us? Clearly, it’s no secret that this number opens opportunities for marketing approaches that can result in better conversion rates. But as mentioned earlier, it takes an expert to make it happen. Fortunately, there are a lot of reliable social media virtual assistants to help you. You just have to choose the one that’s suitable for your marketing needs.

This is where we come in. Our team of researchers have spent hours and hours looking for trusted social media VAs who are capable of boosting your online visibility and growing your network. As we searched for prospects, we evaluated them using our set of criteria.

  • Niche. Each social media virtual assistant serves a wide range of industries. Therefore, you must work with a knowledgeable and experienced social media virtual assistant who specializes in your field.
  • Services. Before hiring a social media virtual assistant, you should inquire about the social media management services they provide. Check if the packages these social media VAs offer meet your needs and requirements.
  • Team Workflow/Process. You need to know and consent to how you work with your social media virtual assistant, especially with the growing number of online transactions. Hiring a virtual assistant that can work independently and effectively is essential to increase your productivity.
  • VA Service Rates. This depends on the firm as VA companies offer different packages and inclusions. Some offer hourly rates, while others offer project-based rates. These rates allow you to fulfill your business requirements without hurting your budget.
  • Customer support. Customer support is one of the most critical factors a top social media VA needs. Most clients view VA services as a top-tier company when it is able to address their needs and queries in the most effective manner.
  • Privacy policy. It’s important to know what VA companies collect, use, process, and manage when you visit their website. That’s why it’s vital for you to read their privacy policy and understand it before you sign a contract.

No doubt that promoting your business on social media is an effective way to gain trust, exposure, and customers. That’s why it’s crucial hire virtual assistant. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out one of the VA service providers that made our list. Scroll down and read our OkayRelax reviews to see if they fit your requirements.

OkayRelax Reviews: Company Overview

OkayRelax is one of the most trusted virtual assistant companies today. This firm also has offices in the Philippines, India, and Pakistan. They aim to help individuals and business professionals with their busy schedules by providing quality VA services such as research, appointment management, travel planning, job hunting, inbox management, documentation, and social media management. They pride themselves not just on their offerings but also on their mission to help the underprivileged in the Philippines.


Since this firm caters to individuals, professionals, and businesspeople in different industries, they claim to have a team of VAs who are experts in various fields. They do this with their commitment to screening only the most qualified employees to join their team.

All VAs are subject to mandatory checks before and after they join the company to ensure their dependability and competency. Furthermore, they regularly train their staff to keep up with the most up-to-date tools and techniques to guarantee that clients receive e efficient support.


As stated earlier, OkayRelax covers a broad spectrum of tasks, including research, appointment management, travel planning, job hunting, inbox management, documentation, and social media management. This variety allows clients to outsource multiple aspects of their personal and professional lives to trained virtual assistants.

Zooming in on social media management, their VAs possess skills in content creation and community engagement. Not just that, but they’re also knowledgeable about utilizing different analytics and reporting tools. With these, they can provide insights on key metrics such as engagement, reach, and follower growth.

Moreover, their customer approach is what sets them apart from their competitors. They believe that each client has unique social media goals, a target audience, and a brand voice. Thus, they tailor their social media management strategies accordingly, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with the client’s specific needs.

Team Workflow/Process

OkayRelax follows a streamlined process to ensure efficient and seamless assistance. It’s as simple as ABC: Choose a plan, meet your VA, and then send your task. They guarantee to partner you with a personal assistant who understands you and your requirements and who will consistently deliver outstanding results. You can also expect that you’ll get them done in no time, so you can relax as they do the daunting tasks for you. 

VA Service Rates

They offer three plans—Relief, Comfort, and Relaxed—and all cover basic inclusions such as research, phone calls, scheduling, and purchasing tasks.

Here are the specifics per plan:

  • Relief ($29.95 monthly, or $22.45 a month paid yearly): No dedicated VA and 5 tasks per month
  • Comfort ($129.95 monthly, or $97.45 a month paid yearly): With a dedicated VA and 25 tasks per month
  • Relaxed ($499.95 monthly, or $374.95 a month paid yearly): With a dedicated VA and 100 tasks per month

Customer Support

They vouch for the efficiency of their process through effective communication and coordination. OkayRelax understands this assignment, so you won’t have a hard time giving the project requirements. They have a dashboard where you can post your social media VA needs and get updates on the projects. Not to mention, they’re very responsive to clients’ questions and concerns and connect with them through the dashboard, email, or even text message.

Privacy Policy

OkayRelax prioritizes the privacy and protection of your personal data. They collect data such as email addresses and usage information, for various purposes, including providing and improving their service. Plus, they also utilize cookies and tracking technologies to enhance your experience, and you have the right to manage your data and opt out of communications.

OkayRelax Reviews: Our Final Verdict

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, numerous businesses have thrived by grasping the importance of customer value. While social media is just one piece of the marketing puzzle, it holds significant potential for driving conversions.

It’s essential to entrust the task to a highly qualified and knowledgeable social media manager. This is to ensure successful advertising campaigns and tangible outcomes. In addition, doing so lets you focus on other aspects of your business or personal life while professionals handle your social media accounts.

To answer the main question, “Can they provide the best personalized social media VA plan?” Our verdict: Definitely! They have what it takes to create targeted social media plans and implement strategies to fully reap the benefits of this digital marketing approach.

By utilizing OkayRelax’s social media management service, clients can benefit from professional assistance in creating, managing, and growing their social media presence. With their expertise in content creation, community engagement, analytics, and platform knowledge, their virtual assistants can help clients navigate the dynamic world of social media effectively.

As we end, remember that before making a critical hiring decision, cast your discerning gaze upon the offerings and pricing to ascertain if social media VA providers align with your business requirements. The best way to do that is to read reliable reviews. If you want to consider other options, visit our top picks today.

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